Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hurry up and wait.

Long, long, loooooooong ago, I made one of the biggest announcements of my life.  And then, I told you I'd keep you updated?  Remember that?  Aside from the smallest snippets of allusion here and there, I've said next to nothing else about it, BUT I am here to assure you that everything is still on track!

The thing is, having a book published is a lot of work.  

What's that?  Duh?  Oh, so you already realized that.  Huh.

I suppose I did too... and I also knew that my portion of truly active work on said book would actually be just the smallest drop in the bucket, so to speak.  Sure, I've got to brainstorm, design, outline, storyboard all of the projects going into the book and have them approved.  Then I have to actually make them all.  Then send them in.  Then write all of the tutorials and instructions.  Send those in.  And that's hectic (fun, but hectic).  But then.  THEN.  I wait.  I answer some questions and wait some more.  Answer a few more.  Approve some revisions.  But mostly, and I can't stress this enough, I wait.

Meanwhile, during all this waiting, there is a whole huge team of people now in hectic mode.  They are those who are setting up the projects in various stages of "done-ness" to photograph them - this includes dressing the area, props, lighting, editing, etc.  They are reading through every tiny word in the instructions, scrutinizing for grammar, readability, ease of language, clarity, conciseness.  They are approving photos, re-photographing, getting models in for shoots for certain projects.  They are designing the graphics and coming up with cover art.  Basically, the job isn't done just because I am waiting.

I compare writing a book to being an extra in a play (and I've had plenty of experience with that...) You jump in the spotlight for a flurry of activity that lasts about 10 seconds, then sit around backstage doing a whole lot of nothing for a good long time until your next entrance at which point you'll engage in frantic activity for the span of time it takes you to cross the stage.  Basically?  It's a lot of waiting.  (Did I mention that waiting?)

BUT, I've gotten the go ahead to fill you in on some details!  Yea!  Ready?

1.  This book is about Mod Podge.  The merits of Mod Podge.  The ins and outs of Mod Podge.  The how and how not to's of Mod Podge.  There are handy tips and tricks, some tried and true technique descriptions, and, of course, a run down of necessary Mod Podge tools as well as uses for the different types of Mod Podge.  Oh, yeah, there are a bunch of tutorials for Mod Podge projects as well.

2.  You can expect projects covering a wide variety of ability levels, techniques and mediums (including stuff to do with kids!).  I cover fabric mosaic, photo transfer, tissue paper and Mod Podge, a few types of jewelry, and yarn art.  In total, there are 13 different projects, with tons of other ideas thrown in as well.

3.  I got to work with a bunch of Mod Podge products - which was really fun.  I used a few things that were brand new on the market this past Spring.  Did you know there's a kid-friendly version of Mod Podge called Mod Podge Wash-Out?  There is!  And, as the name implies, it WASHES OUT!  That saved some clothes... I also got to use Outdoor Mod Podge (weather proof!  Yea!), Hard Coat Mod Podge, Dimensional Magic and the Photo Transfer Medium - along with the old standby's of Matte and Glossy and the spray sealers.  Can I tell you how cool this was?  Every crafters dream, I tell you.  Tons of products, tons of projects, tons of creativity, and a big huge mess (which as you well know is the sign of a successful craft, in my book)  Haha!  BOOK!  (so I'm a nerd...)

4.  So where are we at now?  Photography is finished!  That's exciting.  Also, Proofing the writing is finished!  AH!  The next steps are actually printing the book and previewing color and layout, then making any necessary corrections.  Things seem to be really moving now!

5.  I was asked to make a video tutorial in correspondence with one in the book, more on that later.  Suffice it to say for now that I have never felt so self-conscious in my life.  Unless it was when I was editing the video.  Or when I got in a cat fight during my dance recital when I was 3.  But I was only self-conscious after the fact in that instance.

Alright.  There's your update.  I think I'll be able to give updates a little more now that we are getting to the final stages.  I certainly don't mean to be boastful in any way, and hope this isn't perceived as me tooting my horn.  I'm simply really excited about this new endeavor.  Writing is something I've always been passionate about (ever since second grade, when my teacher took me aside and told me my writing was very special and I should keep it up - thanks Ms. Messner!)  and to see something like this come to fruition really is beyond what I dreamt would happen in my life.  To use every cliche out there, it's honestly a dream come true.  I'm grateful for this opportunity I've had - very grateful - and just wanted to give a glimpse of what I've been up to.  You know, besides waiting.

By now you've realized that these photos don't have a lot to do with this post.  But what's a post without photos?  Boring, I tell you, that's what.  Also, the next few are very appropriate, I think.  Because having my book published feels a lot like this:
Or this:

And definitely like this:

Oh, the publisher behind my book is Annie's Publishing.  You can see their catalogue here.  You can also see some more books they've already got out here.  Nope, I didn't get paid to write this post, I just can't stop talking about how excited I am.  I did, however, get paid to write the book.

But I think that's understandable.

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Michelle L. said...

Ultra exciting - so happy to hear some of the deets! All the best luck in the final stages - when will it be out, BTW?

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