Sunday, June 3, 2012

The moment we've all been waiting for. (Instagramming. Again.)

Or maybe it's just me.  Hm.  Yeah.  Probably just me.  Unless of course you've been in a state of bated breath until I received my shiny, just fixed, beautiful as brand spanking new iphone so I could share some updated instagram pics with you.  No?  Shocking.

Well, anyhoo.  Here's part three of Instagramming.  These are all recent shots, because I just went on vacation and I want to show you the phone photos I took even though I will obviously be bombarding you with actual photos later.  I still have several "old" instagram favorites I'll share in the coming weeks... I'll mix it.  Old, new, borrowed... uh, blue??  

Am I rambling?  ("oh, goodie, something new and different for us"...) On with the show!  I'm putting all the phone photos from the vacation in one post, so I apologize if it's too long and you get sick of scrolling down.  Will you just do it to humor me, please?

My vacation in instagram photos:

This is what I was doing when I should have been in an airplane flying to Utah.  Taking pictures of flowers at the park.  Our first plane was delayed so long we couldn't make any other connections for the rest of the way so they had to switch our flight to the next day.  I swear, every time we travel something like that happens... in any case, here are some pretty flowers.  And a bokeh.

View of Atlanta from the plane.  We were supposed to fly wisco to Minneapolis to SLC.  We actually flew wisco to Atlanta to SLC.  Not quite as direct.

We stayed in a small town in the mountains in a beautiful condo for the first part of our trip.  It was a fun reunion with all the siblings, spouses, kids and grandma and grandpa.  Here's the view down into the valley.

and here's the road back down to the condo/resort.

And another, closer view of the valley because I couldn't help myself.  I have so many pictures of mountains... it's not like I haven't seen them before.  We lived in Utah for two years.  But I don't think I appreciated them when I lived there... being from the flatlands, they made me feel claustrophobic.  

This is what happens when you try to take family pictures with my kids.

My parent IL's backyard is overrun with these gorgeous, giant unpruned rose bushes.  I had no idea how tall rose bushes got when left to their own devices.  I decided I liked roses better this way.

mr looks all sporty making a slam dunk in his shirt and tie after church... don't let him fool you though.  The hoops pretty low.

Here's part of the view during the drive through Provo Canyon.

and here's some more of the view through Provo Canyon.

This is part of the reservoir in, you guessed it, Provo Canyon.

A train on the mountain near the reservoir in, yep, Provo Canyon.  At the risk of sounding full of myself, I'll admit I'm kind of proud of this tilt-shift.

Took a little ride to Spanish Fork to see a friend (hi Julie!).  We got lost and drove around forever, never finding the actual meeting spot.  We were an hour late.  mini is completely tuckered out on the way home... This doesn't have anything to do with us getting lost, but does anyone else get American Fork and Spanish Fork mixed up??  I seem to continually forget which one is north and which is south...

On the way home from SF, towards Timpanogos.  

And there you have it.  Well, a summary anyway.  With more to come.

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