Sunday, June 17, 2012

Instagramming - for father's day

To Dads of kids - DNA related or not.  To Dads of grown children who have flown from the nest.  To Dads of other peoples' kids - who teach them, protect them, and love them as their own.  To future Dads.  To Moms who single-handedly do the work of Mom and Dad, and so are Dads in disguise.  
To my own wonderful father who showed me how love truly treats another person and who was always willing to run to the store for the emergency "pick me up" Oreos - not matter the time of night - should the need arise.
To my amazing husband who left for Vietnam for work today - what an awesome father's day present, right? - I could never thank you enough for your hard work.  Thank you for loving me.  And our children.

To all of you, I say:

In honor of today, here are my favorite instagram shots that include the most important man in my life - the mr.

And I wanted to leave you with my most favorite quote about dads.

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1 comment:

alisamm said...

Ahhh, smile. Dads are so great.

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