Friday, June 29, 2012

Little Sparkler Wands (AKA sparklers for wimps)

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Are your kids as afraid of sparklers as my kids are?  Mini actually touched the hot end of one last year, so she probably has good reason.

But sparklers are fun!  They're great for twirling!  They're great for leading a parade!  They're great for writing your name in the air!  They're great for dancing!

So the best way to overcome the fear?  Make our own, of course!  Some completely safe, non-fire-y, non-panic-inducing, sparkly, fluttery, wavy, fun sparklers!  And since it's been a little over FOREVER AND A HALF since I posted a kid craft, well, we decided to do it together.

Ok, not QUITE the same.  They don't light up... BUT.  The kids had a ball regardless, and isn't that the important part?

You'll need:

Using the washi tape of your choice, cut yourself a nice long piece.  Like 18 inches or so.  Place one end at a diagonal on the end of the wooden dowel.

 Wind the washi tape around the dowel on the diagonal.  You'll have some uncovered dowel at the end.

Decorate to your hearts desire with... you guessed it... more washi tape!  (this is my son's design).

Pick out your ribbon. 

Cut your ribbon into 6-12 inch pieces, different and random sizes.  Cut some of your gold cord too.

Using yet another color of washi tape, begin taping your "sparkles" to the end of your wand.  Do three or less at a time.  Hold them on the end with one hand and wrap some tape with your other.  Leaving the tale of the tape long, 

add more ribbon and continue wrapping the tape. 

 Continue to layer the ribbon and cord on in a random pattern.  Wind the tape a little, place a ribbon.  Wind the tape a little, place a ribbon.  Don't just put them all on at once or you'll just have a big clump of ribbon.  This way it more fluttery.  And it looks nicer too.

Once all your ribbon is taped on, take YET ANOTHER pattern of washi tape and secure this over the previous tape at the bottom.  Just to make it extra... tape-y.

Take your lighter (and if you're my son you don't even need to be told to stand back) and singe the ends of your ribbon so they won't fray like the devil as your kids play with them.  Especially satin ribbon. 

 NOW.  NOW comes the HARD PART.  

Relinquish artistic control to your children.  Even if it means lumpy tape.  EEEEE! 

And there you have it!  Simple ingredients.  Simple steps. 

Simple fun! 

Happy (unscathed) fourth of JULY!! 

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Michelle L. said...

So cute - really perfect for the littles who shouldn't be using sparklers yet. The kids look like they are having mucho fun!

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