Sunday, May 20, 2012

I am a Singing Telegram...

So, pretty much forever ago, I was doing these weekly photo scavenger hunts.  I posted my photos on Sunday and linked up over at Ramblings and Photos.  It was (is) awesome.  I had so  much fun doing it and learned to take better/more artistic photos.

I would rarely link up or post photos in the winter.  I don't have an awesome camera - just a point and shoot (well, not even THAT anymore... gr) so the quality of my photos in the gloomy, dark, stormy, snowy, frigid Wisco winters was, well, pretty abominable.  And recently I've been pretty overwhelmed with a few time consuming, long-term type projects that are taking up a lot of my time... so I haven't done any photography challenges or posts.
But I've seen a lot of blogs post their instagram photos of the week, and I thought to myself, "self, THAT you can do."  Because I'm kind of addicted to instagram and I use it during the day - a lot.  I figured what better way to share some of my photography again?  Since I'm doing it anyway?

And for some reason I always get that song from Clue stuck in my head... "I am a singing telegram!" whenever I say "instagram."

Currently I don't have a phone (well, technically I have a loaner phone.  A phone that is so old I don't know how to work it.  bug picked it up the other day and started stabbing at the screen... "why won't it work?" he asked.  Interesting how times have changed, yes?)  So for the next few weeks I'll just show some past favorites.  Once I get my phone back (yes, did I mention that since we bought the protection plan from Apple I get a NEW FREE phone??  Yeah protection plan!) I'll start posting them in "real time".

So.  Here are some of my oldest instagram pics:

 I think this is one of the best places to take photos in my area... there are so many different beautiful spots in this one park... this pic is obviously from when I first started instagramming, since there's still snow and the lake is frozen.

 MASSIVE fort I built in the playroom.  It used: 8 blankets, two dowels, one extra large doll house, 9 clamps, 5 clothespins, and 1/4 of set of encyclopedias.  There was a flap where you could enter, and inside there was a small table you could eat at, lots of pillows and books and a lantern.  I made this while mr cooked dinner.  Then we had a picnic.

The kids and cousin K at the park.

 bug makes a train when daddy sweeps the dining room.

 Sunset on a farm down the street from us.  I love silhouette shots into the sunset.  And I liked the picket-type fence in this one.

Ok, so this one's not old.  This is the photo I told you about.  That is my finger WASTED during a crafting project.  I am currently typing all of this without the use of my left index finger.  Just wanted to share the proof.

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