Monday, May 21, 2012

Cheap AND easier than PB and J

I've hesitated to mention this, but I don't why.  It's not as if you aren't on a budget, too, am I right?  Well, the fact is that sometimes Yummy Monday can sometimes take a toll on our food budget.  Like when I make my mom lobster for her birthday for instance.  And sometimes it's super fun to go all out.  To stretch your abilities and try new things and really WORK at a food masterpiece.  I'm all for that.
And then sometimes, the heart is willing and the wallet is weak.  You know?  And sometimes, the heart is willing but the motivation and alertness are DEAD.  You know?

And sometimes you just need something cheap.  And easy.  And DONE.

So tonight, I've got something cheap.  And easy.  And quick.  Something that takes no skill and very little effort.  I mean, it's easier to make then peanut butter sandwiches.  No, I'm NOT kidding.

It is called (at least by MY family) New England Boiled Dinner.  (Is that really a thing?  Do you New Englanders do this?  Is my family just weird?  I mean, we DO eat Idaho Spaghetti, after all, and we ALL know that NO ONE else eats that...)

Anywho.  I had some ring bologna in my freezer (venison.  gifted to us by my parents.)  And I figured I'd put it to good use.

New England Boiled Dinner
1 ring bologna (pork, venizon, beef, or similar)
6-8 ish russet potatoes
1 head of cabbage
1 package of carrots (whole carrots.  Not baby carrots)
butter or butter substitute

Fill a large stock pot with water.  Not to the top, but put a lot in there.  Put it on the stove over high heat.  Cut your potatoes in half.  Add them to the water.  Cut your head of cabbage in fourths.  Add it to the water.  Peel your carrots.  Cut them into 3-4 inch pieces and add them to the water.  Bring the water to a boil.  Continue to boil for about 20 minutes.  At around 15 minutes, add the ring bologna.  Finish the time.  Drain.  Place everything on a tray or plate.  Lightly salt across the top.  Serve it with butter so everyone can add butter themselves.

And that's it.  I told you it was easy.

I know we had some kind of dessert with this.  But for the life of me I can't find any photos.  So I will instead show you this:

and urge you to get the recipe for these sinfully delicious Hot Chocolate Pudding Cups in this other post.

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Michelle L. said...

Yummy! Sounds like a great family feast. I don't know what venison bologna tastes like but it sounds delish.

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