Friday, March 23, 2012

YARN. For free.

Giveaway Now Closed!  Thanks!

Ahem.  You now have a few yarn projects to hunker down with for the next few weeks.  In the coming days, you'll have even more.  And if you go check out last year's celebration of yarn, you'll have enough yarn projects to keep you busy for... well, a long time.

But will you have enough YARN?


Lucky for you I just so happen to be doing a yarn giveaway today.  Right  now.  Right here.  I know, right?  

Gnome Acres is your go-to spot for amazing wool textiles.  They have hand dyed and handspun yarn in different weights, hand dyed fiber for spinning and felting, and bird nesting fiber kits (which are so cute!)  You won't believe the artistry of this yarn - and the names are so fun, too!  Check out the "Polyjuice Potion" for instance:
You can find mini skeins:
mini skeins, hand-dyed
Over the Rainbow, handspun
and just plain gorgeous:
Bertie Bott's, hand-dyed 
So go ogle the amazing selection and get yourself some yarn for all of these awesome yarn crafts you're going to be making!

Today, Gnome Acres is giving away a skein of their super pretty "No Place Like Gnome" hand-dyed rainbow yarn.  It's Superwash Merino Worsted Yarn and 220 yards.
The only requirements are that you must be a follower and you MUST show me what you make with it.  (I kid)  (But not about following me.  You have to do that.)

TO ENTER: go over to Gnome Acres and pick your favorite item.  Come back and leave a comment letting me know what it is and what you would make with it!

This giveaway will run until next Friday, March 30th.  A winner will be picked via and announced that evening.  

Also.  I have it on good authority that there is another yarn related giveaway over at Shannon's.  You know you want to go enter. (Trust me.  You do.)

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Beth said...

Decepticon purple would be perfect for a pinwheel cardigan I want to make.I may just have to buy it if I don't win it!

Kelsey said...

I have to say I LOVE the nerdy color names! My favorite yarn is Dobby and it is asking to be turned into a fun Christmas stocking.

Larissa said...

OMG, I love ev-er-y-thing there! My favorite, I think is the Passion Fruit Handspun Yarn - Sport Sock - 2 Ply - 164 yds. But it's really hard to tell if that's true.

larissaesq at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Are you sure I can't enter? Because I'm SERIOUSLY coveting that yarn. ALL. OF. IT.
Now I'm sad :(

Wani said...

I really like the Handspun Passionfruit yarn. I would love to make a wreath with it... or a scarf... or... well, you get the idea! ;-)

Jill said...

I think I'd have to go with Honeydukes! Love the colors, and the Harry Potter names! How cute!

Glyn said...

I love so many of the colorways! The first one that caught my attention, though, is Molly Weasley! I love orange and would love to knit socks out of the sock yarn.

(as an aside..I don't see Gnome Acres on Ravelry; I think this site would be wonderful for a yarnie to frequent. I love being able to see what others have stashed as well as how colorways work up in different projects).

Thank you for this giveaway!

Stephanie said...

I love aquaman!
I'd try to learn how to knit a washcloth again, or simply wrap a letter or something with it for my son's room :)

Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

Oh my goodness, what a great giveaway and what a fun store! I think I would love to make a scarf out of Magneto - Hand Dyed Peruvian Highland Wool. Or one of the blue shades...

cherished bliss said...

Ok, I probably don't NEED anymore yarn, but I always WANT more yarn. I have a problem... I think I secretly desire to move hobby lobby's isles of yarn into my very own home!

I LOVE this one

OrangeHeroMama said...


I absolutely want to pet and touch it all!! I love 'the burrow' and 'bertie botts' SOOOO much.
I've never ordered ANYTHING online, but i soooo debating making an order! She has BEAUTIFUL stuff!! <3 <3
and i will definitely show you what i make! I'm on ravelry! :) and i blog!

christyplus2 at gmail dot com

OrangeHeroMama said...

oopsie! i totally forgot in my excitement what i'd make with it if i won...definitely a scarf/mini-shawl..I've been in love with 'lacy baktus' lately..

Chelsea W said...

I really like Molly Weasley! Thanks for the chance!

Chelsea W said...

Oh, and I'd make a fun lacy scarf with it :-)

crescendogal said...

AAF & I totally LOVE her new little monkey gnome!!! I too, have a GOOD yarn addiction & would love to make something for either my 6yr old son or one of my 3 grandbabies!!! <3

loris4563 said...

I love honey dukes! Probably a shawl!

lorraine said...

Gnomey Knoll is so gorgeous! id probably spin it thin and make a garter shawl with it ..some with a lace edging :)

Amanda said...

I love the Joker Merino/Tencel fiber. I would make a shawl of some sort with it.

Beth said...

I would love to make some hexipuffs with that bright and beautiful Bertie Botts! It would brighten up my bee keeper quilt unlike anything!

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