Sunday, March 18, 2012

Because losing your mind ONCE just isn't good enough.

I would like to direct your attention to that one time I lost my mind.
Ok, so there have been a few times... I'm talking about this exact time last year.

Remember?  I had just auditioned for SYTYC and I had set up this (really fun, I might add) series with a fellow blogger and I was in way over my head blogging every day and posting massive amounts of projects all for the sake of...


Remember that?  What's that? You weren't around back then?  Well, never fear!  Why?  Because there's a series revival brewing, that's why.
Yep, you heard right.  A series revival.  Not to be confused with a serious revival.  But it's that too.  It's a serious series revival.

"Yarn it all!"  is back!  For the first ever revival of my favorite series on this blog, I have the help of one of my absolute favorite bloggers, the momma herself - Googiemomma!  (Otherwise known as Shannon).
Shannon will be my co-host this year and will be heading up the crochet end of things - because as we all know, I'm woefully lacking in that skill-set.  So, if you haven't yet, swing by her blog and say hi!

What can you expect from this year's "Yarn it all!"?  Much the same as you got last year - although I have to be honest, the whole 30 projects in two weeks nearly killed me.  For reals.  This year is much more manageable.  Here on bugaboo, mini, mr & me you'll find 5 new yarn-related projects; along with crafty yarn round ups from around the web AND... drumroll... a giveaway!  On Shannon's blog you'll find 5 new crocheted projects; along with crafty round ups AND... a giveaway!  In case math isn't your thing, I'll write it out for you:

2 weeks + 2 Crazy Bloggers + YARN = 10 new crafts + 4 round ups(X inspirational links) + 2 giveaways + 1 linky party(10 link party features)

In other words, a lot of fun.

It all starts tomorrow.  Here.  And there.
Would you like to help spread the word?  Please do!  Here's a button for you!

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<center><a href=""><img src="" /></center>

Yarn it all!  Linky party to open at that time.  Be here.  And there.  Or be square.
You can spread the word about this too.  Thanks - you're a peach.

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*Be sure to check the right sidebar for all the fun parties I link to!

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