Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Awesome Yarn Stuff From Other People

In other words, I've created a little round up for you.  Actually, it's kind of a big round up.  I kept finding things I loved!  So, I've divided it into categories for you.  I'm helpful like that.  Of course, I kind of wish I'd thought of these ideas on my own so I could have made them for the current series, but I'm didn't.  Sigh.  Since I've put the pictures in collage form, you'll want to go to the source in order to pin this for future use - just follow the links below the pictures.  I've added my thoughts.  Because I can't not.

Yarn for KIDS

1.  Yarn Butterflies from Gummylump.com - Perfect for preschoolers up through about age 6 probably.  I think this would go really well with a preschool theme for butterflies.
2.  Yarn Circle Garland at Hands On: As We Grow - A fun and messy idea for even the littlest littles; since the point is creativity and not perfection.
3.  Yarn lion from Free Kids Crafts - Wouldn't it be cute to make a whole menagerie and then put them on your fingers for a puppet show?
4.  Yarn Snowflakes at Creative Jewish Mom - This blog has a lot of great yarn ideas.  These snowflakes would be a fun alternative to the usual paper snowflake.
5.  Yarn ladybug from Parents.com - Obviously, we all know the "yarn glued around a balloon" trick... but would YOU have thought to turn it into a ladybug?
6.  Yarn Bowl from The Gunny Sack - This looks like fine art, not a kid's project!
7.  Egg Carton Jellyfish from Unique Craft Ideas - Great for kids for a variety of reasons; it's easy, it's cute, it recycles and it's cheap!

1.  Finger Weaving at The Long Thread - This is not the first time I've heard of finger weaving, or finger knitting, and this site really makes me want to try it.  Even though I'm not a kid.
2.  Lacing Spider Webs from Make and Takes - You could do this for just about ANY holiday or theme (though the web really is cute) and what a fun way to improve fine motor skills and practice hand-eye coordination!  
3.  Recycled Spool Knitter from One Crafty Place - I've seen those spool knitters for sale and I've been intrigued.  I love that this one is recycled and specifically geared toward little hands.

So you think you're totally out of luck in wearable yarn crafting just because you can't knit or crochet?  Think again!

1.  No Knit Yarn Scarf from Martha, herself - You know how I feel about Martha... but This might be worth a try.
2.  Pom Pom Necklace on etsy, Lou Lou Do - Um, love!  Pom poms are fabulous and amazing and the only reason I don't have any on the docket for this series is because I did a billion last time.
3.  Wedding Bouquet from Offbeat Bride - Speaking of pom poms... a wedding bouquet??  Love the colors and the natural element with the sticks.
4.  Chunky Nautical Bangles from Katye Elliott - I did skinny bangles last year, but don't these chunky ones pop?
5.  Petite Yarn Bow at Craft Snob - Adorable!  Enough said.
6.  Infinity Scarf on Instructables - Seriously?  Seriously??  Brilliant!
7.  Scarf on Ring from ThreadBanger - I never would have thought of this.  I really like the different yarns together; it gives it so much texture.
8.  Hand Dyed Yarn Bracelets, on etsy - EasternSky - They're like a work of art, they're so pretty.
9.  Yarn Ball Earrings on Max's World - Ah!!!  Remember the ones I made last year??  But these have knitting needles!!!  You can buy them at this shop - along with a lot of other cute, cute knitting related jewelry.
10.  Chunky Braided Headband at Eva Foreva - I love this; I know it's a headband, but don't you think it could be an alternative to those crocheted ear warmers out there?  Plus it looks like one of those old fashioned hairdo's, for those of us without hair.

The yarn goodness out there in the world never ceases to amaze me.  And there's even more coming later!  Hope you were as inspired as I was!

And if you want some crochet/knitting patterns, check out Shannon's post!

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OH! i love love love those little earrings!!! so cute!

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