Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quick and dirty. Unfortunately.

Well, we pulled into the garage Sunday night - home from the mini-vacation - and my honey turned around and left early Monday morning on a business trip.  Blech.  We are not lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey, romantic types, but suffice it to say that you really do appreciate things more in their absence.  
So I’m a little down.  I decided not to deprive mr of the wonderfulness in the church cookbook, and instead chose some recipes from a few of my favorite blogs that I’ve had bookmarked to try for a while now.  
This week’s Yummy Monday consisted of:
Chicken Divan - found on Sweet As Sugar Cookies
Stuffed Olives - from Katie’s Cucina
and for dessert?  
“Homemade” donuts - which I originally saw on UCreate Foods, who got it from The Repressed Pastry Chef.

When I saw Lisa's Chicken Divan, I knew I’d have to try it sometime.  It was calling my name.  I started cooking it up tonight, and low and behold, I realized I’d actually already made something similar to this a few years ago for my parents - a recipe I’d gotten from my sister who’d gotten it from some friends in AZ, who’d gotten it from blah blah blah.  But it was called Chicken Casserole in that version, and it was SLIGHTLY different.  OK.  So, the Divan?  Delish.  Really.  It was unanimous.  You can find the recipe right here.  The only change I made was with the chicken.  I’m sorry.  I wanted to make it just like Lisa.  But I couldn’t.  I mean, you all know how I feel about bones in chicken.  And more importantly, how I feel about thighs.  Soooo, I took the easy way.  I just fried up some boneless chicken tenderloin pieces and cut them into little pieces.  I know, I’m a baby.  I also added more lemon juice than it called for, because I like lemon and it seemed appropriate.  Like I said.  Delicious.  Highly recommend. 

Secondly.  Stuffed olives.  mr’s going to be sad he missed this one.  I don’t really like green olives a ton... but there was something about the combo of cream cheese, almonds and olives.  I don’t know who originally thought this up - was it you, Katie?? - but they’re pretty genius.  My parents loved them even more than I did, and although bug was scared of them, mini couldn’t stop eating them.  You can find the recipe here.  Don’t miss it.

And finally, dessert.  Go here for the original donut recipe.  I love donuts almost as much as I love muffins.  Maybe more.  Depends on the muffins.  And the donuts... but you get the idea.  I have a soft spot for baked goods (and not just my squishy ponch or my thighs).  I didn’t have two circle cookie cutters, so I decided in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d make Valentine’s Day Donuts!  

This was ridiculously easy.  Ready?  Ok.  Buy some Pillsbury Pizza Crust - in a canister.  Heat up some veggie oil.  Roll the pizza crust flat.  Cut.  Fry in the oil.  Done and done.  But, for more yumminess obviously you have to dress your donuts up.  I dipped the tops of half my donuts in melted milk chocolate and sprinkled peanuts on top.  I dipped the other half in a sugar glaze and sprinkled red sugar sprinkles on top. 

When I started running out of dough, I just used the little cookie cutter and made solid hearts.

I liked these donuts a lot, because 1.  they are quick and 2. they are easy.  It was the theme for tonight.   But I think the next time I make donuts, I’ll actually try making my own dough.  Pillsbury's good and all...  BUT, I think you could do better as far as flavor for the actual donut.
So that's that.  Quick and dirty.  I mean, look at this kitchen.  And mr isn’t even here to clean it...

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Lisa said...

So glad that you tried the chicken divan and enjoyed it. I don't always use thighs either. At times, we've just boiled up boneless chicken breasts and used those. Chicken is chicken at our house. Those heart shaped doughnuts are so neat looking and that glaze, oh my that glaze looks chocolatey good.

Unknown said...

All of this is making me so hungry!! :) Yummmmmy

Kitty Deschanel said...

I'm stopping by to let you know that you're featured on my blog tonight! Congratulations :)

(there are some kitchen cleaning tips there too tonight, by the way ;)

Amy said...

Love the cute heart shaped donuts! :) so cute and pretty.

Emily Thompson said...

Those donuts look AMazing!!! Oh my... I would make them, and eat them all!

Katie @ This Chick Cooks said...

Those donuts are adorable and look so yummy! I'd be eating those up if I made them :) Thanks for sharing your recipe and have a great day.

Maggie Lamarre said...

Those donuts look gorgeous :)

Don't forget to link this at our weekly link party every Wednesday,


thank you,

Angela said...

look great and yummy!! Please follow me back

MrsJenB said...

GREAT idea for the donuts! I never would have thought to use the pizza dough for a quick treat. Meanwhile, I LOVE olives and cream cheese together but have never added almonds. Interesting. My favorite is chopped green olives and cream cheese between two slices of Jewish rye. OMG Heaven....!

Visiting from Somewhat Simple :-)

Lilliedale said...

Yay! this is how I make doughnuts too!

Michelle said...

I love the heart doughnuts.. seem super easy and so much fun :)

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

Aww, those donuts look so cute. Perfect for little fingers.

Stopping by from Sweets For Saturday.

~Bibi @ Frugal WannaBe Cooks ~

Katie Mar said...

what a good idea for making donuts!
i never want to make them cause they're such a pain, so i'm glad i found your site!

Remodelaholic said...

Those donuts are adorable! I have done the same type of thing with the canister buttermilk biscuits. I learned it at girl's camp when I was a teenager, and it is one of my favorite camping treats (especially cuz you can just bring cinnamon and sugar to shake them in OR canned frosting!

Thanks for linking up to the party!

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