Thursday, February 17, 2011

The one where I go on and on...

So, have you ever been to Less Cake, More Frosting?  

Less Cake{More Frosting}

What am I asking, of COURSE you have!  Well, I gotta say, it's an awesome blog authored by an awesome creative genius.  She just started a new series on her blog called "Stranded!  On a crafting dessert island" where her guest posters choose what ONE item they'd want to be stranded with and go on and on about the merits of said item.  So why am I going on and on here?  Well, because today that creative genius, AKA Ellie G. (aka Lara) is featuring a brand spanking new tutorial by little old me!  Yep.  It involves this:

And that's all you're gonna get.  (And no, my ONE thing is NOT goo gone, as cool as goo gone is.)

Remember back on Monday when I teased you with hints of an awesome tutorial?  Well, this is it.  The awesome tutorial.  Not to toot my horn.  I just spent a long time and countless sleepless hours, working my fingers to the bone to bring my vision to life... no, no, kidding.  Just go see it, mkay?

If you just came here from over there, um hi!  Welcome!  I have another tutorial just posted as well, and it involves a ratty old t-shirt.  There, I made it super easy to get there.  That's how much I like you already.

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Poppies and Poetry said...

Looove Your Blog! Can't wait to pop over and see what you can't live without!

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I'm your newest follower:)

Kathleen said...

I haven't used modge podge much but after looking at your site I can see that it is really awesome. I'm going to try a couple of your crafts soon.

ellie g said...

Thanks so much for sharing your awesome tutorial today! I'm still loving on that baking the Mod Podge idea! I think I might have to try that, for sure!

Thanks again Kimberly!

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