Thursday, February 17, 2011

Have you guys missed the stick figures?

Thanks, guys!  The giveaway's now closed, but everyone with comments below WINS!  Yea!

It's true.  You do.  I can't believe there're 300 of you out there reading this right now.  That, to me, feels HUGE.  

So you know what that means, right?  Yep.  You deserve something pretty.  Not just one of you.  Not just two of you.  No, no, we're talking big here.  Something big enough to compare to the bigness of YOU.  (Not that I'm calling you fat... I'll just stop there.)  

First, of all, my 300th follower is (was?):
Poppies and Poetry!
She's got a cute etsy shop, so pop over to her blog.  THANKS, Poppies and Poetry!  You win one of the giveaways by default! 

And now, the something huge?

WHAT:  A barrette with a cluster of three rolled rosettes made out of knit and/or cotton.  Much like these (but with only three flowers):

WHO: Anyone who comments on this post.

Seriously, anyone who comments on this post.  Ready for the rules?

1. You must be a follower.  Because, you know, this is to thank my followers.
2. You must comment before Saturday at 8:00 AM.
3. You must include your email address.
4. You must state your color(s) of choice AND your favorite thing about bugaboo, mini, mr & me.  Because feeling like a million bucks isn't good enough.  I want an even bigger head.

If you don't follow the above stated 4 RULES, you don't win.  I will do my best to get you your color(s) of choice.  I will also do my best to get these to you in as timely a fashion as possible, depending, of course, on how many people comment.

(And if no one comments on here, you know that will make me feel the OPPOSITE of a million bucks, right?  I think this is quite possibly the easiest giveaway to win in the history of blogging.)

Once again, this giveaway ends on Saturday morning at 8 AM.

Ready?  Set?  GO!

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!


Kayla Marie Hyatt Cameron said...

my email is My color of choice is green. My favorite things about your blog are bug's quotes, yummy Mondays and your wreaths!

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm excited to be your first commenter! Congrats on the milestone! You fact that I can keep track of you guys from afar... that kind of thing...

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

Yay! Congrats...

1-I'm already a follower!

2-It's only Thursday :)

4-Green!!! and my favorite thing (besides the awesome craftiness) are the Yummy Mondays...white chicken chili gets made at *least* once a week now! Thanks Kimberly!

The Fall Creek Chicken Coop said...

I just found your blog today and love it! the first one I read was about the grandma like lady smiling at your kids.... I remember those days! I also have an abundance of old t-shirts and now have something to do with them!
Anyway, I had just became a follower this afternoon and now you have the give away.. how sweet is that! My email address is And currently my favorite colors are read and black and white!

Deidre said...

You're not going to make all of these are you, you crazy lady???? Seriously!!!That's pretty huge! I feel bad commenting!!! Feel free not to send me one when your list hits the crazy numbers!

deidre (at) realifephotos (dot) com

I'm a big fan of your blue and yellow flowers. super gorgeous!

Blanca said...

Well I'm EXCITED! I love these barrettes! I'd love one with yellows and blues. :) I am a follower and what I love most about your blog is that your "real" and funny. It's nice to follow a blog that is packed with laughs and good ideas. :) Thank you!

Becky said...

giveaway? what? thats awesome! i like any combo of green, purple, black. i love hearing your, uh, creative problem solving methods and seeing your cute craft things.

Anonymous said...

I follow, I'm commenting, I like yellow (today), & I like your repurposing posts!

Stephanie Thigpen said...

THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!! :) Okay, back to the fact that I can get excited about just winning a giveaway without ACTUALLY trying, just reading a blog. YAY! Okay, here we go...

1. Yes, I am a follower! Stephanie Thigpen
2. It's Sat before 8am! :)
4. I love the yellow, white, and navy that you have pictured above! But if you could swap out the navy with a grey? Would make my entire life. -- I think my favorite thing would be that you can always come here and find something that you want to do! Whether it be one of your tutorials or recipes, you can tell that you just make life fun! :)

Okay, I hope that was good enough. And again, YAY!

Amy said...

I'm a follower
It's Thursday at 9:15 pm
I love grey and black (boring? maybe)
I love your tutorials! Thanks!

Sarah Kaye said...

Hey, I love reading your blog and looking at your crafts and seeing what you are cooking! I am impressed that you do so much. I love your honesty and your positive attitude toward life. You are frank and funny! Keep it up! My favorite colors are pink black and white fir my wardrobe oh and silver or gray. :) thanks Kim!

Tracy Roach said...

Ahhh! I'm so excited about this! I've followed you with my Google reader for a while now, but I've also added myself to your follower list on the right now. I would love a barrette in pink, black, and white, although really, any colors would be fine. :) Thank you, and I love your blog because you're always so genuine!


Kara Finley said...

I want one! I want one! I love reading your blog for 3 reasons:
1. I went to high school with you.
2. Your writing is clever, smart, and entertaining.
3. As a fellow mom, I love the kid stuff, the yummy food, and the easy-not-a-lot-of-sewing crafts that are made from stuff you already have or thrifty stuff and usually easy enough to do during naptime ;)

*I would love a barrette in brown or black or a combo!

I hope I win!!

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

I am new to your blog. Found you on Less Cake... adorable idea! Can't wait to see what else you have been up to!

Hilary said...

This is crazy, and I love it!!! hahaha. I'm at, and black and white would be so spectacular. I love reading your blog because each post has your own unique voice, and you aren't afraid of that!! =D thanks for doing this!!

BJ_Mama said...

YAY FOR 300!!!

I LOVE that you and I live in the same flippin' city and we talk back and forth on the Internet, but have never met....oh, wait I think that's silly! I lOVE your crafts and your cute kiddos, and you make me smile!
I wear a lot of black (cuz it's slimming...not cuz I'm Goth) And I have blonde anything that would go good with that. So like Reds, Or Blues....Black....and stuff MMMWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Mom said...

When you hit 50 - - I'll be glad to help! Love, Mom

Amy said...

Wow, lady, you ARE crazy! But super generous! My email is I love pinks. And the thing I love MOST (which was not easy to narrow down, because I lovelovelove your blog) is your sense of humor! You are very real and it comes out in your writing! So I get a healthy dose of humor and reality along with all those fun tutorials and recipes! Did I mention I LOVE it?!

Bree said...

Seriously Kimberly? You are amazing! That what I like best about you. :) I guess what I like best about your blog (if I absolutely MUST pick just one thing) are the hilarious stories you share about your kids. You have a great way of sharing your stories.

I'd say any bright colors - orange, yellow, teal, hot pink - anything spring-y this time of year!

Unknown said...

you are completely amazing!!! i have been following for quite some time now and i love everything about your blog! your personality, your tutorials and yummy mondays(which comes in handy since i am learning how to cook since i started staying home!)

i love the color combo of purple,yellow and white!!!

A H said...

That is awesome, thank you!!! My email is, and I love anything blue. The best thing about your blog is the recipes, I have made a couple already and have only been following for a short time!

Mindie Hilton said...

You are crazy cool for doing this! Of course I follow your blog. My email is I love turquoise, pinks, greens, purple, you name it. You have great taste, anything you would choose for this blond will be fabulous. I love that you admit to not being perfect. At my blog Bacon Time with the Hungry Hungry Hypo, I do the same. I like to see that nobodies perfect and to just have fun with it all. Love your positive outlook. Thanks again for this giveaway and your blog. So glad I found it.

Jillian said...

1. I thought I was already a 'follower' (I have you in my blog list), but now I'm an official follower.
2. Check!
3. My e-mail address is
4. My color(s) of choice are red and/or blue so my girls can wear it with their school uniforms. My favorite thing is how you keep it "real", and talk about things gone awry, not just everything perfect. And, because you were one of my first friends when I moved to Wisconsin! :D

Ali said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today and I'm so glad I did! I'm definitely going to be a devoted follower now! Commenting before 8:00am Saturday! My email address is My favorite many, but I LOVE your blue and yellow one shown, I also always love a cream or white. Next I think I saw that you're from Wisconsin? So am I! Love it here...But one thing that I love about your blog is your wreaths! I'm going to try out your purely "ornamental" wreath for sure!

blueeyes said...

Follower, yes.
Comment, here and check.
Colors, greens or purples or yellows or whites.... really they are all so pretty. You already know that ;)AND my favorite thing is how down to earth and REAL you and your family are. Everyone loves an approachable fellow crafter and mom!
Congrats on making 300!

Julia said...

I'm already a follower. I'm barely meeting the deadline!!!! I love green, purple and yellow!!! I love everything about your blog. It is always fun to see what you and your family are up to next. You remind me of my daughters.

Robin said...

Hi I have recently found your blog. I like the tutorials. I am not sure what time zone you are but in case I am in time I like red/blacks the best.
I really like the zipper tutorial.

Mare said...

UGH!! I missed this by 4.5 hours. I've been sick and way behind on my blog reading.

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