Saturday, June 12, 2010

Things my Two-Year-Old Taught Me: Part XII

Warning.  This is one of THOSE posts.  You know...
About two months ago we began the process (and boy, do I mean ONGOING process) of potty training bug.  (yep.  one of THOSE posts.)  We had meant to start earlier, but things were hectic, and there are lots of excuses.  I’ll let you just make them up yourself.  Point is, we finally started.  

And we were SET.  We got the singing potty (bug LOVES this.  He knows all the songs AND makes up his own.) 

We set up the timer and kept the soap within reach.  

We stocked a fun bin with pull-ups for night-wear.  

We hung a “potty toy box” from the door, chock full of entertaining things to do on the potty (yep.  That’s an Audi catalogue.  Do you think mr had something to do with this?)  

I made the “Potty Train” chart to keep track of when he TRIES to go, when he ACTUALLY goes and rewards.  

And we made sure to keep plenty of rewards on hand (it’s usually full of cars... but bug’s been going through them pretty fast lately).
We were set.
And then we actually began.  And learned that this potty training thing isn’t really easy - for HIM or US.
About a month later, he got pretty good about potty-ing, except for #2.  (I warned you it was one of THOSE posts...)  We’ve heard it takes longer to master this ability, so we weren’t overly concerned.  But it sure upped my laundry-ing.  
This morning bug “poopied” on the potty for the first time.  I will refrain from offering details or pictures (aren’t you relieved?) except to fill you in on what is - apparently - the most important pottying lesson there is.
bug stared.  He got really excited.  He sang a song and did a dance.  He smiled and laughed.  He stared some more.  He insisted we call daddy.  He made me promise not to flush.  EVER.  He stared some more.  He was fascinated.
And that’s when I learned:  Poop is (apparently) really cool.
I hope this is normal behavior for a first-timer.  I’m going to assume it is.  

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