Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gorillas are pretty cool.

Not gorillas, per se, but the gorilla brand.  You know.  The glue I just found out about?  Yeah, that stuff.

Well, here's a quick craft for you today.  (Quick because I'm leaving in like two hours, so quick is all I got right now...)

When I saw these plastic plates at the dollar store, I knew they longed to be more than simple plates.  (I had the wooden beads in my stash)  I loved the shape of them and decided they would make an excellent dessert tray - I was thinking specifically of mini's first birthday, which is so far away I'm embarrassed to admit I'm already thinking of it.

So, I gave everything a coat of this super cheery yellow spray paint (I would have used that "fusion" paint for plastic, but I wanted to use what I had on hand.)

And it came out like this:

Next, I used Gorilla Epoxy to assemble it together.  Have you heard of this stuff?  It's incredible.  Bonds ANYTHING.  Anything.  I just slapped it on, weighted everything down until it was set and voila!

I used wooden beads around the base of the cups for a little decoration.

Unfortunately, I don't have any fun cupcakes to show off, so animal crackers and fruit snacks will have to do for now.  

(And just so you know I'm aware that spray paint isn't really food safe, here are the discarded animal crackers I could not feed my two year old after using them as a prop.  I plan on putting only WRAPPED items on this tray!)

A flower-shaped tray for only 5 bucks?  Pretty sweet.



Lessons Learned said...

I know! i just used gorilla glue for the first time last week and was amazed! where had it been all my life?! cute trays!

Unknown said...

thanks! wish I could have gotten a better picture, but my camera's broken...
I will be thinking up lots more uses for my gorilla glue, for sure!

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