Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Settling in

Well, now that I'm starting to feel like we're getting back into the swing of things around here... (it only took a week) I thought I'd take this (rare) quiet opportunity to post some highlights from our trip to see family in Utah.

Aunt A, Uncles C and J, cousin A, the kids and I went to the zoo.  Bug insisted that he wanted to see the zebras and the bears mots of all, but when we got there the bear wing was under construction and the zebras had died mysteriously (no, I'm not kidding.)  Bug was afraid of everything - including but not limited to his shadow.
afraid of the elephants

He spent a large majority of the time being carried around by a very accommodating uncle C.  (thank you!)
looking at the birds

Here he is enjoying the ONE exhibit that didn't make him cry, whimper, run, cover his eyes, or panic in other ways.
"well, this one's not so bad!"

I don't even know what this is.  We also went to an animal show, where bug refused to pet ANYTHING and cried about the snake.
at the animal show

mini enjoyed her first taste of ice scream

and is now an addict.

And it's my fault.  Meanwhile, bug fed HIS ice scream to the chair and table.

Oh, and got a little in his mouth.

The high point was the train ride.
the whole gang in the train

Well, I THOUGHT that was the high point... in the car on the way home:
me: bug, what did you see at the zoo today?
bug: I see... I see... bears!
me: um... ok.  What else did you see?
bug: Ice cream!
me:  But what was your favorite?
bug: I see... zebas!!
me: really?  Anything else?
bug: rectangles?

So, bug's favorite parts of the zoo were two things he didn't see, something to eat and a bunch of signs (apparently).
three little monkeys... he wouldn't look at it until uncle J did

Apparently he wants to be a giraffe

The seven of us also took a trip to a place called Pirate Island - food, arcade, play land and FUN for all.  This is bug refusing to eat.

He played lots of arcade games
Throwing the ski ball


on the little carousel with cousin A

 while mini joined a pirate band and took to the seven seas.

They also rode on a little train at bug's insistence.

We coerced mr's parents into going to a water park with us.  Here is mini's very first trip into the pool.

 I think she likes it!

But bug was terrified.  (could we expect anything else?  The scaredy pants...)  We forced him down a few water slides (on our laps) anyway.  For days afterward he asked to go down water slides...

Oh.  And if you're wondering where mr was during all the fun, here's a shot of him running the 188 mile relay race which was the main reason we went to UT.  He ran on a team with his parents, along with many of his aunts, uncles and some cousins, and this is how he spent most of his vacation:

And on the way home?  Well, here we are during our second (yes, 2nd) layover during our delayed flight.  

Why was our plane delayed, you ask?  Weather?  Nope - it's summertime, it was beautiful weather.  Refueling?  Nope - just a routine trip from MCI to MKE.  Well, what?  Cracked windshield?  Dog got loose?  What?  

A flight attendant didn't show up for work and no one knew where she was.  They didn't have a backup.  We had to wait for a different plane carrying a flight attendant who could hop on with us.

At least we had time to play cars.  bug was content.

We had a really great time with family!  Now.  If only I can catch up on the laundry and get my internal clock set ahead, I'll be in business!


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