Thursday, May 22, 2014

The whole enchilada. And burrito. And taco. Nachos, too.

So, here's where we pull it all together!  It's an a-DORA-ble Party!  This could also be called "party on a budget" since I'm pretty sure I spent like $50 bucks on the whole thing - decor, food, gifts, favors, etc.

Here's the invitation I made on picmonkey:
For the green bush I used one of the fancy pants flourishes and modified it.  Ignore the black lines, obviously.

The decorations were fairly simple:

On the "treat table" I placed our piano bench in front and covered both with a white vinyl tablecloth.  Then I covered that with purple and white striped fabric and put some purple and white tulle all around the very top of the table.  I bought some super bright, happy flowers and put them in matching vases on the sides.  I borrowed the ferris wheel cupcake holder from my sister and made a "cake stand" from a glass jar and a plate.  I put out Zoe's hand me down plastic backpack backpack as well.  Then I used the cute, colorful alphabet rocks the kids and I made a long time ago and just placed them around in groups.  

There was a jar of them on the food counter, and I spelled out Zoe's name in a cheese dome.  Here's a tutorial for the alphabet rocks.  The food counter also had a "striped" tablecloth which I made by layering vinyl tablecloths that I got at the dollar store.

I also reused the pom pom garlands that I originally made for El's golden birthday.

I decided not to make any of the treats/food.  I didn't need the stress:
I bought two small cakes and put one on top of the other to make a small tiered cake (white and chocolate so everyone would be happy).  I topped it with a candelabra birthday candle holder that I got at Walmart.  It looks a little ghetto, but it worked well!
I bought cupcake as well.  They didn't have Dora cupcakes, but I wanted to make colorful toothpick flags anyway, so I bought My Little Pony cupcakes (since they were purple) and took the ring toppers off.  I made the toothpick flags with my every growing collection of washi tape.  On the food counter, there were glass vases: one with grape jelly flavored licorice (weird, huh?), one with gold Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and one with Dora fruit snacks. 
I also filled a large jar with animal crackers (she helps animals right?) and one with oranges because the counter needed a little color.  Zoe and I made our own rock candy in varying shades of purple.  (You can see my other rock candy creation here and get the recipe.)
On those gold platters we put tacos and burritos (both from Taco Bell - told you I didn't want to make anything...) We also set out tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole.  

After everyone ate, we opened presents:
Then we played games and pulled the pinatas.  
And then we ate cake!

Zoe was thrilled with the whole thing, the kids had fun, mr saved dough, and, well, I chocked the whole thing up to a win!

You can see the presents I made Zoe here - Backpack Backpack, and Map!
Check out the Party Favor Cinch Bags (Dora Style) here!
And get Dora Party activity ideas here, including a Dora style Treasure Hunt and Pull-String, Paper Lantern Pinatas!

And that's how you do Dora on the cheap and easy!

*Be sure to check below for all the fun parties I link to!*

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Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly said...

Awesome! I bet they had fun. We did a fiesta themed party a few years ago when the kids turned five. Since their bday is in May it was a "Cinco EN Mayo" party. Ha ha! I'm such a dork.

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