Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's just not a party without a piñata.

Today I thought I'd show you the Dora party activities we did!  There were only two: a treasure hunt and some Pull-pinatas.  I set up the treasure hunt like a Dora adventure!  

Here's how we did it!  Before all the kids got here, I set up the three stations (Babbling Brook, Singing Gate and Treasure Island).  I taped up little instruction cards at each station so the kids could read them and know what to do in order to move on.
Once the kids arrived, they each got their favor cinch backpack and looked inside to find their own personal map (I made them on the computer with clipart and printed them on normal paper).
The first stop was babbling brook.  I laid down blue fabric on the floor for the brook.  I used red, white and yellow construction paper for "stepping stones."  The kids had to use the stepping stones to cross the brook, but they were all messed up, so first they had to complete the color patter by laying the paper stepping stones in the right spots.
It was pretty fun seeing them hop on from "stone" to "stone"!

Next stop was singing gate (which was the baby gate we had for when the kids were tiny).  There was a piece of card stock taped up with a bunch of tiny clip art pieces all mixed up on it.  The kids had to help singing gate sing the right words to his song by putting the pictures in the right order and then all singing together.  
Too cute!

Finally, the gate opened so they could go down the stairs to treasure island.  I put our ottoman in the middle of the room and put a chair on top of it, then covered it with a sand-colored blanket.  I attached different sand-colored shapes all around the ottoman by taping them to the blanket.  The shapes were "keyholes".  The kids had to look through their backpacks and find the correct item to help them "open" the locks.  In each backpack, there was a different white shape - a key.  The kids matched their shapes to the keyholes and taped their keys up.  Then I lifted the blanket off to reveal...

A treasure box!  Inside were awesome gold and silver chocolate coins!  (I found them for cheap at Aldi)

Once the kids had divided up the treasure into their backpacks, my hubby jumped through the door and pretended to be Swiper!  The kids all joined in keeping him away, which was adorable.  Don't tell mr I used this photo, he'd be all embarrassed.

After the treasure hunt was over, we did the pinatas!  I bought a 3-pack of paper lanterns in the party section at Target.  They were bright Dora-esque colors.
Then I cut out three pieces of card stock to fit inside the lanterns in the bottom.  I punched a tiny hole in the middle each piece of card stock, put a piece of cotton twine through, knotted it and taped it, letting it dangle down through the small hole.  Then I placed it in the bottom of the lanterns and put some small candy and trinkets in each one.  I had the kids work together to pull the three strings at the same time and as they pulled the card stock popped out and all the goodies fell!  It was pretty much the only way we could have a piñata in our small house!  You can see a full tutorial on how to make a pull piñata like this here.

The kids really seemed to love the activities and have a blast!  I had fun watching them!

*Be sure to check below for all the fun parties I link to!*

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