Thursday, May 29, 2014

WZWW #4 - Color POP

Ok, ok.  I know it's not Wednesday.  BUT, remember how I said the holiday threw me all out of whack?  I mean, we did Yummy Monday on Wednesday, so we can do What Zoe Wore Wednesday on a Thursday, right?  

There's no rules!!  (there's one rule!)  -- name that commercial.  Am I the only one who quotes commercials?  This is one of my number one quotes...

So.  Can you believe we are still occasionally dressing like this??  It's ridiculous.  On Monday it was like 80.  80.  In Spring.  In WISCONSIN.  Now it's like 55.

Anyway, these pics aren't super recent, but they are from this year - around February actually.  
The catalyst for choosing this outfit?  I told her she had to wear a sweater.  She wasn't pleased at first, but finally went with this fun geometric print.  

 I was surprised she didn't pull out something crazy and purple plaid to wear under it, but she told me the outfit "needed more color" - I kid you not, she said that.  Thus the turquoise top.  I tucked the pants into the boots myself because they were a teensy bit long and I didn't want them to get wet in the snow.

Geometric Sweater: Carters - hand me down
Turquoise top: Walmart, Granimals Brand - $3.00 (on clearance, 2012)
Orangey Red Cords: Carters - hand me down
Gray Sparkly Boots: The Children's Place OUTLET - $19.00 (day after Thanksgiving super sale, 2013) These were a SPLURGE.  I never spend that much on shoes for the kids, because they blink and grow out of them.

The moral of today's outfit?  Even a 4 year old knows you need a pop of color.

Do you know what my favorite thing about this girl is?  The way she always, ALWAYS crinkles her nose when she really smiles.  Gosh I hope that doesn't go away.
Or maybe it's the adorable freckle on her chin, which she is very proud of.  I hope that never goes away too (the being proud of it part.  I think the freckle itself is permanent.)
Or maybe it's the way she rolls her eyes at me when I tell her I need to take her picture AGAIN.  And then tells me, "Just ONE.  ONE picture.  Right, mommy?" While wiggling her index finger at me.  I hope that photo compliance doesn't go away either.
Or maybe it's just everything.

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