Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I just really like the word taquito.

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 Admit it.  It's a fun word.  Taquito.  Taquito.  Ok.  So I've made taquitos before, but not like this.  These are my very own recipe.  Last month I was having more people over on a Tuesday night than normal.  I had already decided to try out my new crock pot (yeah.  I got a crock pot that works.  And doesn't have holes in it.  Word.)  and made up a batch of crock pot french toast - using this recipe from .  (It looked awful.  But it was delicious!)  

I was worried we wouldn't have enough food for the six extra people that would be over, and had to wrack my brain for what else to make quick.  We had an overabundance of tortillas, but I wasn't sure what to do with them to match the breakfast for dinner theme... And thus were born the:

And holy cats were these snarfed up like hotcakes.  Or, you know, like the delicious breakfast taquitos they actually are.  

They are stuffed with a super yummy scrambled egg concoction (which involves salsa and cheese!) that you likely have almost all of the ingredients to make sitting around in your fridge and pantry.  Or cupboards.  Or drawers.  Wherever you keep food type items at your home.

The whole dinner was a raging success with no leftovers but very full tummies.  So no one starved and nothing went to waste - perfect!  Even the kiddos loved them, which as you know, is the TRUE test of any new dinner.  So.  Here's my recipe.
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I'll let you in on a little secret.  If you don't have cream cheese around, you can omit it altogether.  I think it adds some creaminess which I like, but it's totally unnecessary.  Also, I've used both the medium sized mission tortillas and the small size, and I like the medium size better.  I know it should matter, but you can just stuff more yumminess in the bigger ones. 
So, here's the dip recipe, in case you want it.  It's yogurt based - to go along with the breakfast theme. (it doesn't specify this, but be sure to chop the cilantro.)
lime ranch yogurt dip photo limeranchyogurtdip_zps167135a0.jpg

It's a pretty easy meal to make, which makes it perfect for brunch or a weekend breakfast when you're not accidentally turning your alarm clock off and waking up 10 minutes before you have to catch the bus thus making your child swallow a super classy breakfast of peanut butter bread whole while fumbles his jacket on inside out and scrambles out the door nearly forgetting his lunch box as he races for the bus without his teeth brushed and with a serious case of bedhead.  Not that I have experience with that on a normal weekday or anything.

But these.  These will make all those rushed weekday breakfasts disappear once you bite into them.  Plus, as I've illustrated, they're hardy enough for dinner too.  

I've made them twice more since that initial dinner, that how much we like them here.  Enjoy!

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