Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WZWW #3 - Skirts. Lots of Skirts.

Can I just start this WZW post by saying THERE IS NO WAY SHE WAS EVER THIS LITTLE.

I kind of really hate it when you get to that point with your kids when you can look back on photos and say "no way was she a little baby doll; ever."
It means they've left the baby stages behind and are now small people.  It's sad.  Let's take a moment and wipe a tear.

Alright, moving on.  This right here was the very first time I decided to record a completely 'by Zoe' outfit.  She's about 2 and 1/2 here.
I remember her being particularly hung up on wearing multiple skirts this day, she just wouldn't let it go.  So instead of fighting her, I just decided to roll with it (a big moment for me).  She ended up with 3 skirts on and no shirt.  I picked a few shirts out and she chose this one, and you can't see the third skirt, but it's there, underneath.
She also wanted some very sparkly dress shoes, but I talked her into some tennis (with difficulty) since we were going to the park.

  Shirt: Carter's - hand me down 
Popsicle Skirt: Walmart - hand me down
Green Tutu: Target - hand me down
White underskirt (which you can't see): Made by me (from this tutorial)
Red Canvas Tennies: Walmart - hand me down

I guess the moral of this WZWW is to let it go.  (yep, just like the Elsa song) Which is hard for me to do when she does something crazy, like puts on three skirts, wants to wear her shirt backwards or insists that neon orange tutus look great with fire engine red tunic tops and green sweaters.

I really can't get over her chubby little cheeks and button nose, let alone the baby chub around her elbows and wrists... I can't imagine how I'll feel when I look back on these once she's driving my car around.

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