Monday, September 16, 2013

Yea! Food!

Boo!  Cooking!

Let's face it.  I'm nearly as big as a house and twice as hot as Hades.  When I cook, my belly is so near the flame compared to the rest of my body, the baby has hot flashes.  I worry about burning a hole in my shirt right over my belly button - or what USED to be my belly button.

What I'm trying to say is... there hasn't been a true "Yummy Monday" in this house for a while now.  I have a few recipes to share still, even though the pictures that go along with them are far from ideal.  But I haven't gotten up the energy to edit them all.

(Actually, I'm wondering where my energy is at all lately, what with the napping AT LEAST once a day thing... apparently "nesting" is a symptom that lessens with each pregnancy, until you hit number three and it goes away completely.  No one warned me about that...)

And so.  For Yummy Monday today, I provide you with a list.  A list of reasons why I have a love/hate relationship with food right now:

Things That Give Me Heartburn by: Kimberly Mueller, 38.5 weeks preggy
Pizza - of any kind
Anything remotely resembling something that could be construed as even slightly spicy
Apple juice
Don't even get me started on oranges
Maybe we should just say "all fruit"
Avocados - the most bland veggie on the planet
Any kind of pasta with any kind of pasta sauce
Potatoes - unless I don't put anything on them, not even butter, and even then it's iffy
Mint gum - which is really unfortunate as this helps me not throw up
Laying down
Sitting up
Running - HAHAHAHA!!!!  Oh my gosh, I'm so funny.  As if that's happening.
Eating too much
Not eating

Yes, water.  

I'm on a strict 300 mg of Zantac a day regimen.  

Also food related, I posted this on instagram today with the caption:
"You know the old adage "never go to the grocery store when you're hungry" ??  This can be directly translated to: "never go to the grocery store when you're pregnant."  Because THIS is what happens:

(But in my defense, I've only gained 10 pounds.  10 POUNDS.  So I'm still ok.)

Come on, baby!  Any day now!!

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

TEN POUNDS????!?!?!

T E N P O U N D S??!?!?!

i hate you.
that is all.

p.s. not really xoxo

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