Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back at it.

I realize that most of the world went back to school before we did here in Wisco - not sure why, exactly, but our kids don't start until AFTER Labor Day (totally not how it was when I was a kid).  But I'm sharing this now, anyway.
I decided with all of the cute "back to school" teacher gifts I kept seeing around pinterest, I needed to do something for bug's kindergarten teacher.  Yes, that's right, my firstborn started KINDERGARTEN today.  But that's a post for another time...
The days went by, and I (duh) procrastinated until finally I didn't really have a lot of time to get anything together.  Then I remembered that I wanted to make washi tape pencils and notebooks with the kids and this idea was born:

The best part of which was that I already had everything I'd need!  I keep some mini notebooks on-hand for various random needs, I had a pack of 100 pencils I'd been meaning to make over, and did you see they started selling washi tape at WALMART for 99 cents??  It's true. 

So, here's what you need:

And here's what you DO: (as if you need a tutorial...)
Pull out a tail of washi tape.
Lay it against your pencil - it helps to use pencils that aren't perfectly round so you can follow the lines - so it is flush with the top and straight down the side.
Pull the washi tape down the side of the pencil, pushing it nice and secure as you go.
Rip off the washi tape when you get to the eraser (you can use a scissors for a nice clean cut, but for some reason I NEVER cut washi, I only ever rip it...)
Lay your pencil washi side down (with the sticky side up)
and roll your pencil, using the table top to push the tape evenly against the pencil. (I found this was the easiest way to avoid the tape getting wrinkly or lopsided)
Now you've got a half covered pencil.
Line up another piece of washi tape - flush with the top, flush with the edge of the other piece - perhaps just barely overlapping.
And follow the above steps to roll the washi tape on securely.
When you're done, the tape will overlap on just one side.  For most tape patterns this is totally fine and you can't even tell.  If it bugs you, you can rip the second piece of tape in half LENGTHWISE so it isn't so wide, or cut it for a clean line.
Now just secure everything - all edges and ends and you're done!

Here are a few of my favorites:
(The yellow one was so light I did a few layers to make it stand out more.)

You'll want to make a few different pencils for each gift - so they're little "sets" of pencils.  I made a turquoise one for bug's teacher, a "brights" set for mini's teacher, a set of black and white (with mustaches!) for bug, and all pink with different patterns for mini.

Then you can match the pencil sets to the notebooks.  If you have patterned notebooks that work well with the set, as above with the pink and turquoise above, then great!  Finite!

BUT.  You can also washi your notebooks to match!  (washi is a verb now, yes?  Like "podge"?)  
Lay your tape across the front of your notebook in a pattern to match the different pencils.  Cover the whole notebook front, overlapping on the edges.
Fold the edges back under to the back of the front cover.

We had so much fun, we decided to decorate some notebooks just for ourselves.  We made pictures with washi tape on the front covers.  The kids got such a kick out of using my "fancy tape" that I, admittedly, never let them touch!  (Zoe thought my palm tree was a spider, but I was pretty proud of my "waves" and my 3-D fish!)

So, once you finish your pencils and notebooks, you need to make them all cute for the teachers.
Place your notebook and pencils flat in a clear plastic favor bag.
Fold the opening down and secure with transparent tape.
Print your tag on card stock, cut it out, and punch two holes across from each other, horizontally, on the top.
Wrap some matching twine around the bag a few times. 
Tuck the ends of the twine through the holes in the tag and continue to wrap around the bag - go through both holes with each end of twine.
After wrapping the twine through the holes and around the bag a few times, tie a bow on top to secure the tag to the gift.

Bam.  Done.  Cute.  Cheap.  Awesome.

Here are some printable gift tags for you to use next year... 

Better late than never right?!  I sure hope that's true, because bug forgot to take his today...

You aren't sick of gift ideas yet, are you??  Because I have just a few more.  And a round-up.  And a wrap-up... before I hopefully have this kid and take a tiny break.  (Fingers crossed).

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Julie Rosenhan said...

I love the washi covered pencil idea! What a frugal way to dress up plain pencils. Have you tried sharpening them yet? Do they sharpen okay with the washi tape on them? Thanks so much for sharing!

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