Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Remember how much I love old t-shirts?

This little number is something I whipped up last summer, and never had a chance to show off.  I had a shirt I liked - with these water-color-esque flowers all over the front on a yellow background (so of course I loved it) but it just didn't fit right anymore.

It was destined to be something new.

No.  I do not have a tutorial.  But you know what?  You don't need one.  It's just that easy to do.

Have you ever shirred before?  This is the first and only shirring I've ever done, because no matter what I try, my machine simply refuses to shirr.  REFUSES.  I've read tutorial after tutorial.  I've read troubleshooting tips and tricks.  Nothing works.  I feel like shirring is one of those things ever sewist should be able to do - like one of the first things you attempt and master and think "I'm a true sewist!"  And it looks like until I get a new machine, I will not be a true sewist. (Here's a good explanation of shirring.  And measuring.  Thanks, googiemomma.)

So, I had a little crafty date over at my sister's house.  We share custody of a serger, and she lives with Lis, so I went to visit.  While I was there doing various things, my sister decided I needed to whip this baby up, and it took about 5 minutes.

I took a t-shirt.  
I cut it off right below the sleeves.  
I serged around the top (you could probably skip this, knit won't unravel).
I shirred 6 lines around the top, starting just under where I serged.  I didn't mark where to shirr.  I didn't use a ruler.  I just went for it.  And it was totally fine.
I made four casings out of the top of the t-shirt that was left over.
I sewed two to the front and two to the back for shoulder straps.
I was done.

So the best part was that there was no hemming.  Yea!  I just used the bottom of the shirt, so the hem was already there!

Really there was no sewing whatsoever.  I used the side seams as they were, too.  Like I said, easiest little play dress ever.  

Comfy, light, stretchy, airy, AND she can STILL wear it THIS summer!  Perfect.

Now, if you would feel more comfortable with an actual tutorial, and if you'd like to get the deets on shirring, as well as lots of helpful measurements according to age, check out this tutorial on Jorth! - shirred dress tutorial.  This is an actual dress with actual sewing.  So, you know, in case you don't have an old t-shirt to cut up.

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Christina said...

first of all - SO CUTE!!! Love all of your creative projects :) Second - I'm trying to e-mail you about guest posting, and it keeps getting returned to me and says you don't have a yahoo account....hmmm?? Maybe you could re-email me and I'll try to respond that way??

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