Tuesday, July 2, 2013

An easy wreath

It seems only fitting that one of the first projects I share upon my return - and one of the only holiday related posts I have for this week - should be a wreath, am I right?  You know my obsession with door decor... and the first door decoration I ever made was fourth of July related.

I don't have a full tutorial for you, because it's pretty much the easiest thing you've ever seen - EVER.

You need:
1 spool of white tulle
1 spool of red tulle
1 pack of red, white and blue wire star garland
1 wire floral wreath form

1. Cut one long piece of white tulle, about 24 inches long.
2. Cut the rest of the red and white tulle into pieces about 12 inches long each.
3. Beginning at the top, wrap a white piece of tulle around behind the wreath form then tie in a double knot in front.  Do this with 5 white pieces, then switch to red.  Do five red and switch back.  Alternate colors like this until you get 3/4's of the way around the wreath form.
4. Wrap one end of the wire garland around part of the wreath frame, tightly and securely so it won't move.  Continue wrapping the star garland LOOSELY in a random way all over the empty 1/4 of the wreath form.  Wrap it up, then back, then up, then back, covering the wire of the wreath form completely until all of the garland is used.
5. Tie the two ends of the long piece of white tulle together.  On top of the wreath, where the garland and the tulle meet, wrap the piece under the wreath form and tuck the tied end through the loop, pulling it tight.  
6. You can either cut the tulle pieces to about the same length so it's nice and uniform or you can leave it more random and jaggedy, depending on your taste.  I trimmed mine.

Unfortunately, my front door has a storm door that's glass, not a screen and it's a crazy green house about the same degree as the blasted sun, so the plastic star garland melted and turned purple in about a week.  Better luck to you.

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Michelle L. said...

It looks like a zillion bucks! Beautiful, K!

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