Friday, April 13, 2012

Tales from the Crib - 5 > 2. Sometimes.

("Tales From the Crib" is my semi-regular Friday ritual.  What's "Tales From the Crib"?  For that, look here.  Then look here.  "Things My Two Year Old Taught Me" morphed into "Tales From the Crib" early last year in order to include more children and more ages.  Considering the growth of my two bugs, I thought the change was appropriate.)  

5 > 2.  Sometimes.

There were two chocolate eggs left.  And lots of jelly beans.  Lots and lots.  I'd be lying if I said I hadn't polished off several of the chocolate eggs myself, but that's beside the point.  bug asked if he could have a treat and since he and mini had both (in a feat of miraculous proportions) actually finished their lunch, I decided that a treat was a good idea.
"I want five chocolate eggs." bug stated determinedly.
"Well, there are only two left.  Would you like two chocolate eggs or 5 jelly beans?" I asked.
"Jelly beans!" mini shrieked with glee - who has figured out that 5 is a lot more than two, where candy is concerned.
"Well, that's fortunate.  Because I wanted the chocolate eggs."  (who taught my son to speak like this, by the way?)
"Really?  Because you'd get more candy if you went with jelly beans." I reminded him.
"Oh, mommy.  5 IS better than 2.  Unless the 2 is chocolate." He nodded emphatically to reiterate his point.

And I realized.  That might be the truest lesson I've passed down to my children to date.

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