Monday, April 9, 2012

Stuff. Stuff and more stuff.

Well.  Um... so, hi.  (awkward pause)  How are ya?  (awkward pause)

You know when you haven't seen someone for a long time and then you're not sure where to start or how to begin and you're suddenly feeling very self-conscious and exposed?

Well.  So there's that.

I went to visit my bff last week.  It was a planned thing that kind of snuck up on me and then became a different sort of thing from the plan out of necessity and current life alterations... anyway, it was a fun, whirlwind of an apartment makeover on the cheap situation - so the good news is I've got some projects to share with you!  The bad news is, I kind of up and left mid-series and you all were hanging out wondering where yarn it all! was, weren't you?  (I can picture you all completely lost without my witty banter...)  Oh, the other bad news is I gained a pound thanks to the crazy dining that is the Grand Luxe, but that's another story entirely.  So.  

Here's a quick catch-you-up type of post.

1.  Remember that one series I was doing with googiemomma?  Yes, well, expect some features from the linky party (finally) and a nice neat little wrap up with a bow.  

Also, I do believe I may have to pick a new winner as I haven't heard from the first winner yet.  If this is you:

crescendogal said...

 I totally LOVE her new little monkey gnome!!! I too, have a GOOD yarn addiction & would love to make something for either my 6yr old son or one of my 3 grandbabies!!!
Email me your mailing address by tomorrow or I'll pick someone new.  (That sounded all mean.  Like a threat.  I mean, PLEASE email me.  Thank you!)

2.  So there was this one time I auditioned for SYTYC.  No, not THAT time.  This time.

And my audition project won!  And now everyone's expecting crazy awesome things from me that I won't deliver.  Sorry.  In any case, you can expect a tutorial for this project that includes lots of head-banging (this kind, 
not this kind.
) and a whole lot of wondering what you got yourself into.  It'll be great.

3.  Speaking of SYTYC, week 1 just started!  Woo hoo!  Go on and vote for your favorite dollar store craft!  (And although I'd like to beg you to vote for mine so I can ensure that I'll beat my record of two whole weeks from the last go-around, I will in the interest of anonymity hold my tongue.)

4.  Um, I hesitate to tell you this, mostly because it's still in its infancy but also because I am incredibly embarrassed, but you know I like to keep it real and utilize run-on sentences whenever possible, so the official word on the street is that I've got myself another blog.  It's one I've just started with the mr.  It is NOT a craft blog, nor a family dealio, so if you like that kind of thing, don't go there.  Also, if you don't like really awful, horrible, stomach-turning pictures don't go there; because it is our attempt at a weight loss blog which means there ARE disgusting "before" pictures.  I'm not exaggerating this - I'm simply trying to prepare you.  We are definitely not weight-loss gurus, rather we are the average Joe and his average wife just trying to take off the extra poundage and using our blog for accountability.  If you like that kind of thing you can find us over on Chub Bust.  That is all.

5.  I've been published in an e-book!  And what's more, it's free!  You can download it completely free!  I'm not kidding you here, it's free.  Really, really free.  I think I've made my point.  It's a book about wreaths of all kinds and my Spring Yarn Wreath is there!  You can find it here if you're interested.

6.  I've got a terribly exciting project in the works that I am not at liberty to discuss for the moment, which seems all cryptic and hoity-toity.  In actuality I'm just asking for your understanding if I seem a little hither and thither for a bit.  Especially in May.  mr's travel for work is such that he will be home for a grand total of one week in May (thank goodness it's our anniversary week!) and you will probably find me rocking slowly in a corner missing a good chunk of my hair rather than sitting serenely by my computer blogging.  But we'll see.

Ok, now off to work on some wrap ups for you!  Peace!

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Michelle L. said...

You be as hither and thither as you want! It's spring - the season for hithering and thithering. Everything sound super exciting, congrats on sytyc and the ebook!!!

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