Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The lost project.

I was searching through my photos recently and found a few projects that never made it to the blog, somehow.  

This first one is, well, really in no need of a tutorial.  You've no doubt seen the personalized water bottles all over the place, yes?  For instance, this one from Imperfectly Beautiful (which was where I got the idea in the first place).  Or these from Crafts and Crap.  Or these, which you can buy on esty at Sourpickle Designs.  Or THESE, which all match so you can give them to the entire soccer team (or any team, for that matter) - also found on etsy, but at Grimes Graphics.  Or... well, you get the idea.  There are a lot of them out there.  It's not an original idea.

First I got out my vinyl.

Then I got out my sister's cricut, which I had borrowed for something else and then kept for almost 9 months and therefore used for a bunch of other stuff to justify the length of time.

I had a pile of ovals and initials.

So I grabbed my aluminum water bottles which I got at the dollar store.

And I placed first the black oval, then the smaller white oval.  And the monogram, right in the center - all three initials, first and middle smaller and in the background and last bigger and front and center.

Aaaaand.... these pictures are awful because they were taken with my old camera.  

These were for my mom IL and sister IL for their birthdays.  They do a lot of running so I thought it was appropriate.  I later found some very inexpensive carabiners and added them to the water bottles I personalized for my dad IL and brother IL.  
At that point, I'd had to return my sister's cricut (yeah, I know, geez)... so I actually ran my vinyl through my printer upside down so the letters printed on the back of the vinyl (the white grid side).  I made sure that my letters were turned backwards first before I printed, so when they printed on the backside, they'd be the right way when stuck on the water bottles.  That was probably the most convoluted way possible to explain that.  Just keeping you on your toes.  Then I cut them out with an exacto knife.  A cricut is MUCH EASIER.  That probably goes without saying.

Almost the entirety of Justin's family has these now... I just need to give one to my brother IL and sister IL (the spouses of aforementioned IL's) and I think the whole set will be complete!  

So, unoriginal maybe, but cute too!

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