Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chains of LOVE.

Well, apparently Valentine's Day is coming up.  Not that you'd know it to look around my blog... but the REST of the crafty DIY world out there is sure up on things.

I figured I should probably show you what I've got going on for the upcoming holiday.  I usually slack quite a lot on decor/attire/everything for any holiday that isn't Christmas.  Or possibly Halloween.  BUT, this year I have gotten to a few different Valentine's projects I'd been wanting to tackle - decor, attire AND gifts.  Whoa.

I first wanted to show you this year's version of the kid-friendly Valentine Garland.  

(Remember last year?  The kid-friendly garland that was INCREDIBLY messy, but also really fun?  i.e. The "handy" heart garland:)

This year I was going for something a little simpler.  Not that the handy hearts weren't easy, just messy and they took some time to dry AND there were more supplies needed than I wanted this time.  

Now, I'm not going to pretend that this is a brand new ORIGINAL idea, but in the off chance you didn't already think of this yourself, and to make it look like I've been busy crafting with my kids, I'm showing you the tutorial anyway.

1.  Start with some cool coordinating scrapbook paper.  If it's double-sided, even better.  But it doesn't have to be.  I decided to go with some non-traditional Valentine's colors mingled with traditional.  (you'll also need tape or hot glue)
2.  Cut your scrapbook paper into skinny strips.  About an inch wide and the length of the paper.

3.  Bring the ends of the scrapbook paper together so the patterned side of the paper is on the outside and the white sides are touching.  Tape or glue this together into a point.
4.  You have an upside down teardrop shape.  Pinch the top together at the midpoint and pull it down a little bit.
5.  Put a spot of glue or a bit of tape (did I sound British there for a minute?) right inside the pinch, to hold the paper together.
6.  Pull down on the pinched together part just a little bit to shape the heart.

7.  Put another strip through the first heart.
8.  Glue or tape the ends together in a point, then pinch, glue or tape and pinch again to finish the heart.  Now you've got two linked together!
9.  And do this again.
10.  And again.

11.  Until you have a long, long, long (or in my case, SEVERAL long, long, long) chain(s) of hearts.  (or a big pile of chain on your ottoman).

12.  Hang and enjoy!

I had so many hearts, I even made a chain for the family room - which, being downstairs in neverland - tends to be woefully neglected during the holidays.

I used heavy cardstock type scrapbook paper for mine.  You can always use lighter weight paper with the affect that your hearts won't be as sturdy, but you'll avoid unwanted folds and creases for the most part.

mini and the Fours started out helping with bits of tape.  (PS, in case you're wondering - I don't know why you would be, but maybe this will help someone out there - we've tried out a LOT of tape, and these two are the kinds we like best:)
No, I'm not getting paid for that...

They got tired right around the third heart.  Once they were in quiet time I finished it up with a hot glue gun, which got it done WAAAAYYYYY faster.  But, obviously, a hot glue gun isn't really safe for small children.  Even I know that.  So, you'll have to weigh the pros and cons of making them with or without children.  

By the way, did anyone get that Erasure reference up there or am I just insane?  No?


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kellystar said...

too funny Kimberly---I have a "chains of love" post too. There was an online scrap over on Fiskateers this past weekend, and I was in charge of creating and posting Challenge #14. I decided to ask people to create something with a song title or lyrics on it...I made a card...with "Chains of Love" from Erasure. Go check it out

Crafty minds think alike!

Michelle Paige said...

I'm loving your heart chain! Thanks so much for linking up to my Valentine Link Party!

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