Thursday, September 2, 2010

Um, I lied.

Hey, remember that one time I told you I'd be missing for a little while due to recuperating and stuff?  Um, yeah.  Here I am!  Surprise!  I realized today was September 1st, which means I have to get my August 2010 Photo Scavenger Hunt photos up!  It would be a shame to miss that whole deadline thing, since I took the trouble to sign up for the hunt and all... so I quick hopped on and am displaying some photos for the hunt.  (I know, I know, TWO photo posts in ONE week?  Totally not my style... but you'll roll with the punches, right?  No, this is not turning into a photography blog exclusively)  Here are my entries:

1. A flag that represents you
I like the free movement in the wind and how that reinforces our flag's symbolism

2. Something Comfortable
snuggling under our favorite fuzzy blanket holding hands.  Now that's comfort.

3. Something in season
it's been so hot and muggy this past month that these were more "in season" than anything else!

4. Feet
helping bug down the slide.  He was terrified.  It was all I could do to make him sit still on my lap for this photo, then he screamed all the way down and once he hit the ground he said, "Again?!?"

5. Repetition
you saw this one earlier this week for Ashley Sisk's hunt.  Not only is that book repetitious, but the hearing bug ask me to read it, over and over and over, is as well.

6. Culture or ethnicity
mr's beer stein.  He lived in Germany for two years and I love to hear him speak German.   His ancestry is German as well.  Just so you know, this stein is never used, it just sits and looks pretty up on top of our cupboards.

7. Contrast
I shared this last week for Ashley Sisk's hunt for a different category.  I LOVE the contrast in this shot, and I also love the contrast between how these two normally act and how they are acting in the photo.  :)

8. An indulgence
these are supposed to be bug's "potty treats", but I indulge every once in a while...

9. Macro or closeup
I can't get enough of those eyes... or that smile!

10. Something masculine
Shared this one in a previous hunt this month for the same theme.  bug sure wants to be like his daddy.

11. Something feminine
Also shared this one in that same hunt for this theme.  

12. Light
the sun makes bug's hair look like it's glowing!

13. Eco-friendly
meh.  mediocre, but this is kind of our extent of eco-friendly.  We should do more, I know.

14. Business
I know, I know, you've seen these all before... 

15. An arrow
Bah, I had trouble with this one... none of the signs with arrows on them "spoke" to me.  This one was the best I got.

16. Something wet
I wanted a super close up of the water droplets, but we all know my point and shoot won't do that.

17. Something dry
lots of humidity = lots of thunderstorms.  bug and I like playing in the rain, but sometimes it's fun to just sit and watch it too.  He seems so contemplative here...

18. Butterflies
Used this one earlier this week for thepunkrockmom's perspective theme.

19. Heart shaped Clouds
heart shaped what???  Seriously???  Do you know how hard it is to find a heart shaped cloud?  I don't remember EVER seeing one of these, so I'm lucky I got something that even remotely resembles a heart.

20. Strength
he's been able to hang from the monkey bars since he was 6 months old... he loves this "ride" at the park.

And there you have it.  My entry for the August hunt.  It's the first time I've done the month-long hunt, and it was fun!  Kind of a lot of work at the end, though, as I scrambled to find things I was missing... 

Now, I'm going to sleep while my pain killers are still working.  And I promise to take a break this time. But not for too long.  As you can see, I just can't stay away.

(head over to Photo Hunt Challenges to see more entries!)


Charmaine Poulin said...

Ha! I have the same problem with potty treats! Great shots!!!!!

Unknown said...

love the shot of the flag and the m&m's, and your heart cloud is awesome great job!

Sarah said...

Great photos! Love the the vibrant colors in your indulgence shot! Your contrast shot is sweet and beautiful!

Mandy England said...

I love these scavenger shot things you do! SO fun :]

Mommy2Four said...

I LOVE your contrast shot and your feet shot! Great job!

Ang said...

love your photos... many need no explanation at all.. the image speaks for itself! great work!

even-star said...

Hey there Kimberly thanks for stopping by again! Good luck with the tuna quiches. I am a bit nervous now. If your folks don't like 'em it is all my fault!

The trickiest bit is getting them out of the pan.

You wanted to know what was in the salad. It is a herb salad. I grow quite a lot of herbs in my garden and I am trying to use them up before the frost. So there is a good handful of sage, mint, basil, lemon thyme, and I think some cilantro made it in there. Then there is an apple and onion chopped up and there might be some mushrooms in there too. Didn't have any tomatoes. Dressing is a splash of white wine vinegar, salt and pepper, and I sometimes add some parmesan grated.

Oooh I can't bear to look! Tell me when it's over ;-)

even-star said...

PS: your photos are fabulous. The one of the two "boys" shaving is my favourite. It really captures a great moment. Not an easy thing to do. You obviously get lots of practice but talent helps too! I dispair of my food photography. It just never looks as delicious as in real life.

What I Did Today said...

These are awesome! Now I'm going to have to go check out your link for the photo challenge.

Colleen said...

Wow, so many great shots. My favorite is the close up... adorable!

Ashley Sisk said...

WOW - these are so great. I actually really love your flag shot. I love the movement. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

These are so fantastic!

Kristi said...

Great job!! I loved your feminine and also business! Thanks for participating and I hope you join us again in October!

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