Saturday, May 29, 2010

Operation Organization, Take 6. (html, grumble, grumble...)

You’re probably thinking, “man.  She’s not organizing anything anymore.  Lame.” Or something of the sort.  Or maybe you’re thinking, “huh.  She fell off the organization bandwagon.” Or some such phrasing.  OR, you could be thinking, “She has no idea at all what I’m thinking, does she?”  Which is most likely more accurate than the first two, but oh well.
Truth is, I did not post my organization project from last week because I didn’t get it done last week.  I started it.  I had every intention of finishing it.  But it got away from me, as so many of my ideas do.
I did finish it today.  But, the pictures and post documenting it are, sadly, as yet unfinished.  (I’m really not whining here, but I HAVE been sick lately.  Sick, sick, sick.  Sinus, cold, allergies, etc.  So I’ve been sleeping a lot.  Which is why I feel like I’m behind on my self-appointed due dates.) 
BUT, I do have some organizational things to discuss, as quite a large portion of my waking moments this week have been devoted to organizing my blog a bit.  You’ll notice that I have an extra column over there on the left now.  I set that up so I could include a few more ideas, like my “inspiration board,” my “library,” and my “button jar.”  They are pretty self-explanatory, really, but you know I’ll explain them anyway.
On my inspiration board I plan on putting up a pretty little picture of something that inspires me at the beginning of each week.  This could be a link to a tutorial or crafty idea from someone else’s blog that I’d like to try (and just might) or something cute and homemade I came across via my friends or family.  Or maybe some other inspirational image I find provocative.  It’ll probably just depend on my mood.  The library right there below is, you guessed it, some good reads.  I’ve linked to some of my favorite bloggers and the top two images are books bug and I are currently reading (although maybe not together...).  If you want more info on them, they are actually links that will take you to amazon where you can read the synopsis and buy them.  I’m not affiliated with any of these blogs or amazon or anything... just trying to share some things I enjoy.  And below that you’ll find my button jar, and I’ll just let you look there at the fun buttons - which are also links to different blogs, but I’m sure you know that.  Just consider me an over-explainer.
I also added a linked button up there on the menu called “takin a crack craft at it.”  (ha ha...) because I realized I had pages for everything I do - cooking, sewing, scrapping, refurbishing - EXCEPT crafts.  I was finding that a lot of what I do didn’t fall into those other categories and should, perhaps, be easily found as well.  So my crafty items are now all in one place, like my other items.  I guess if I want to have a button for EVERYTHING I do, I should probably add some more.  Like “singing in the shower,” and “wiping lots of boogers,” and “stinky diaper clean-up.”  But I’m not at all convinced you’re interested in any of that.  
Anyway, that about does it for the explanation.  I also added some things to the pages so they are all updated now, and I redid the titles... you know, so they’re more personalized.  Hope you like it.  
And don’t worry, the real “Operation Organization” post for this week, AKA LAST week will be up soon, and boy - it’s a doozy.  You’ll either be laughing at my ridiculousness or wondering what the heck I was thinking while you shake your head and mark me down as an embarrassment to the craft community at large.  Or maybe you already HAVE done that, in which case, you won’t be surprised at ALL by what you read.  Either way, it’s a crazy one.

Oh, and PS.  I hate html.  Is anyone with me on this?  The slightest > or “ can change things from something like this 

into something like this.  

I don’t understand it and I never will.  I’ve tried my hardest to make my blog into something pretty that I can be proud of... and sometimes that requires staying up until all hours trying to fix the stupid buttons you broke when you redesigned them.  Anyway, it’s all good now.  No thanks to html which apparently thinks that this kind of space is way different than this  kind of space.  Yeah.  I know.

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