Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm friends with Wonder Woman.

It’s true.  I know many of you are expressing skepticism right now, but this is no exaggeration.  She’s kind of one of my best friends.  And no, she doesn’t go around in that crazy bustier and seriously killer boots all the time.  Most often she wears jeans, just like the rest of us.
However, she really is just as awesome as you think she is, boots or no boots.  Even in her non-superhero garb she’s a superhero.  It’s pretty amazing what this woman can do.
For instance, she takes care of everyone and everything.  She is the epitome of service.  Not only does she care for her own household, but she also takes care of various things for her children's households as well.  (What’s that?  You didn’t know Wonder Woman had kids?  Well, she does.)  She is constantly available to help with everything from big projects to little issues.  And when any of her children call her crying, her shoulder is ready.  It’s like a superhuman tissue to soak up all the tears.  She loves and supports her grandkids, too.  (Didn’t know she had grandkids?  I know, doesn’t she look great for her age?)
She also takes care of her aging mother.  It’s hard to think of someone like Wonder Woman having a mom, but of course she does.  Her mother is in declining health, and although it’s a very difficult thing for Wonder Woman to see, she visits her mom constantly and provides physical, mental and emotional support and care.  
When her family needs an advocate, she is there.
When her friends need advice, she is there.
When the world seeks moral direction and ethical fortitude, she is there!
She’s not only caring, kind and selfless, she is brilliant as well.  She struggled against financial issues when she was a younger wife with younger kids (wait, she’s a wife too?  But of course!) so that she could go back to college and receive a degree.  Everyone who watched her learned from her example that higher education is important.  It is worth sacrifice - sacrifice of time, money, and sleep!  (In fact, I have often wondered if she actually needs sleep.  She is a superhero, after all.  She seems to go go go, lending helping hands and such.  Perhaps this is one of her powers...)
She is strong.  She battles disappointments, fears, annoyances, offenses, let-downs, and injustices with grace and ease.  I wonder where she hides her bulging muscles, because I’ve never noticed them straining against her sleeves, but they must be there.  How else could she tackle one issue after another?
And amazingly, she has always had an incredible sense of humor and fun.  She can laugh at adversity, she can play when she is tired, she can smile through tears.  She never misses an opportunity to join in games and tickle fights with the little ones and is always up for fun.

I could go on and on.  You probably aren’t surprised to hear any of this about Wonder Woman.  I mean, there’s a reason we call her this, and it isn’t all about fighting crime.
What you may be surprised to find out, however, is that Wonder Woman is actually my mom.

I know, I’ve been incredible lucky.  She’s guided my moral compass since youth, teaching me to value modesty, moderation, morality, and selfless acts of service.  She has held my hand through my trials, showing me that you can face them down with quiet strength and feminine dignity.  She has loving redirected my mistakes with an unconditional love that could never be shaken or falsified.  Her example manifested the importance of serving everyone, but especially those we love.  She’s shown me that being a perpetual student no matter where we are in life is a worthwhile pursuit.  She gave my my first flickers of a testimony of Christ and has taught me to trust in him as my Savior and older brother.
For mother’s day, I contemplated sharing my experiences as a mother.  Maybe give you a few funny anecdotes of that silly boy of mine (Heaven knows there’re enough!), share a few heartwarming moments I’ve experienced with my two awesome bambinos.  There are a lot of things I could say about being a mom.  How it’s different than what I expected, how it’s better than what I expected, how it’s changed the person I thought I’d be, how I am glad for it, etc. 
Then I realized that anything good about myself, any kind of mothering I’ve done correctly, is because of her.  My mom.
It’s hard to live up to Wonder Woman.  I can only try my best and know that if I am half the mom she is to me I’m in good shape! 

(Me and my mom, all those years ago)

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