me, myself and i

(Yep.  I made that costume.)

I am an actress by nature.  From a very young age, I was singled out by my siblings to play the most dramatic roles in our games (in other words, we all knew I could make myself cry.  And so did my parents).  And though my artistry generally tended toward pretend play and acting, I was lucky enough to be born into a highly creative family - singing, painting, drawing, crafting, sewing, home decor... I watched my mom do it all.  And even more fortunate was the encouragement I received to develop these particular interests.
It made sense, then, that I went on to major in theatre.  Theatre is the only thing I have had a continuous, ever-expanding, unquenchable passion for.  I had no illusions.  I knew I would not move to LA or NY.  I figured there were plenty of other places to make a decent living scrape together enough of a living become a waitress and live on mac and cheese while doing theatre.  I really thought I had thought this through.  Really.  But, as it so often does, life happened.  I met the man of my dreams right before my last year of undergraduate studies as I was preparing for graduate school auditions.  Giddy with excitement that the man of my dreams actually existed in reality, I was engaged 5 weeks later and married in 9 months.  Bug was born 1 year and 7 months later, and now I find myself a want-to-be budding actress staying at home with three beautiful kids - my son Ezra, aka bugaboo who is 6, my 4 yr old daughter, Zoe (mini) and my almost brand new baby boy Axel (Pip) who is the sole reason for my sleep deprivation, increasing mom-brain and general snarkiness.  

I wouldn’t change it for the world - not for all the best roles in all the best broadway hits... but I do miss acting.  I’ve done a few things locally in community theatre which takes the edge off... I simply can't help feeling that ache to create.    
But where to find a consistent creative outlet in my current situation?  
I became a blog stalker.  That’s right.  I openly admit to stalking such blogs as MADE and MADE BY RAE.  It whet my appetite and the list of blogs to follow grew to include some serious creative inspiration like GoogiemommaDelia Creates, Craftiness is Not Optional, A Girl and a Glue Gun...  Soon, my stalking turned into a desire to become like these online celebrities I so admired.  I began to page through tuts thinking, “hey, I could do that!  I really could make that....”
Turns out, I couldn’t.  
I tried my hand at even the easiest of sewing projects with only mild success (in the loosest possible sense of the word).  I could make things kind of a little bit sorta like that, but I could not, in fact, make THAT.  The thing is, that didn’t really bother me.  I like coming up with ideas and executing them.  I like the journey from my mind to the finished product.  In short, I am in love with the creative process.  
I started this blog three years ago, and I've tried to stay true to my humble beginnings.  I know I'm not like the professionals out there... I make things up.  I take shortcuts.  I don't own the latest and greatest gadgets.  I love writing, sometimes even more than crafting, and I literally pour my heart into each post.  With practice I have, and will continue to, get better at each of my creative endeavors and the main point of this particular blog is to show you that YOU can too.  


I am passionate.  Highly emotional.  Visceral to a fault, and overly-dramatic.  I laugh a lot.  I cry too much.  I have green eyes.  I'm grateful for my kids who remind me how much I love delighting in the simple, magical everyday life: blowing bubbles, singing in the shower, playing in the rain... things I should focus on more often.  I love Mumford and Sons.  F.U.N. Dashboard Confessional.  Deathcab.  The Lumineers.  And above all, Weezer. And the color yellow.  I hate the cold.  And Yo, Gabba, Gabba.  And no, I apologize, but I really do not like being pregnant.

and i. (or the blog, rather)

Pretty much every week, you'll find the following on my blog:
a recipe or two with photos.
a tutorial or two for sewing, craft, or other projects I've undertaken.
a show and tell of something I created (but likely didn't have the time or patience to create a tutorial for).
an instagram wrap-up.
random bits and pieces I'm working on at any given time - writings (generally about the craziness that is life right now), photos, ramblings, summaries, teasers, etc.

I also like to host a fun series every now and then - my most popular being "Yarn it all!" and "Gift it." which generally run for a week or more and involve guest posts.  I also have regular series' that I post not every week, but with some regularity, like "Gifts Kids Can Make" and "Very Pinteresting." (all of which you can find using the search bar in the sidebar at left.)
What you won't find: perfection.  If you want that, you're in the wrong place.  But thanks for coming by anyway!
You can also find bugaboo blog here on facebookPinterestbloglovin', and instagram (@bugabooblog) or follow via email or RSS Feed.  
Want to email me? It's bugabooblog (@) yahoo . com (take out the spaces and parenthesis).

and the book!

I wrote a craft book last year!  (Yes, it was published and everything!) You can check it out here:

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