Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WZWW #6 - Monochromatic, how to do it right.

Flashback What Zoe Wore post!  She's 3 in these photos.  A cute, smiling, totally amiable, non-confrontational 3 year old.

Who liked to wear monochromatic color.  Again, I ask, why can she pull this off?  Because she's 3?  Because she's so darn adorable regardless?  Because it really does look good to pair the same color in different hues and I just really am clueless about how it all works?

And can I just point out that pop of navy at her feet?  That's got to be a happy accident that it works so well as an outfit, right?  I mean, no 3 year old has fashion sense this articulate, do they?

Bubble Top: Target, hand me down, from about 4 years ago
Capris: Thrifted, $1.00
Canvas Tennies: Walmart, clearance, $2.00

Pretty sure those capris are actually supposed to be shorts.  My children do not have height on their side...

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