Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's a(n easy) wrap.

I know this idea is nothing new to you, but don't you love that whole "paper bag/twine" wrapping craze going on?  How easy can you get, right?  (And let's face it, the cheapness factor really helps, too.)  

So even though you're aware of it, and have probably pinned it, like I have (here, for instance), I'm going to show you how we wrapped bug's teacher gifts.

But not step by step.  That's just redundant and insulting to you, right?

Anyway, we shoved the gift in the little lunch bag, folded the top over once, than folded it down a lot more, laid the tag over it, punched two holes, threaded the twine through (twice), added the tag through one hole, and tied in a bow.  Done.

His teachers were all impressed by how cute they were.  I had started to feel a little self-conscious when bug was giving them his little bags, because the other kids were giving their offerings of store bought goody bags full of candy and yummies or expensive-looking, amazing smelling decorative candles... and then there's this little lunch bag.  But as the other kids and parents filtered out, the teachers turned their attentions to our small offering and raved about the cleverness of the wrapping.

And what was inside?  These.  In all different colors.  Five of them for five teachers.  I think they liked that even more than the wrapping.

Oh, and do you like the tags?  I did that all in pages on my mac.  I was pretty excited that they looked cute even without a cool program like photoshop.  So, here you go!  If you want to use them tomorrow.  Or next year.  (It's a jpeg.  Just download and you can resize if you need to.)

Merry Christmas!  I do wish you all love, fun, family, friends, and a wonderful holiday in general, to everyone!  If you, like me, celebrate this Christmas with a reverence and love for Christ, you might be interested in this video.

Or this one.

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!

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