Sunday, October 31, 2010

As luck would have it...

Oh, aren't you lucky?  This week you get TWO photo posts from me!  (I'll understand if you aren't excited.) (Don't worry, I have other stuff planned, too.)  This is the end of October, which means the Photo Scavenger Hunt is OVER.  Which means I am hurriedly working on the finishing touches for my Scavenger Hunt post now so I can post it tomorrow.  But in the meantime, you get to look at a few out takes and some other random shots of the week.

Check out this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday at Ramblings and Photos:

My Town
One of my favorite spots in my town.  Not much of the town itself to see, I know, but the lake is a big part of what makes it cool here.

This one didn't make the cut for the October Hunt.  It's my Grandma's ring.  

little mini bug, mini and mr at the bottom of the hill.  Also didn't make the cut.  But I had a ton of fun playing with the tilt-shift maker online.

Dress up
my favorite "Sunday Shoes," AKA, the best way to dress up jeans.

there's nothing better than a chocolate goatee.  Can you think of anything?

The Paper Mama's theme is "Halloween".   
The Paper Mama

We had a Halloween party at church this weekend, and here's a sneak peek of bug's costume.  More details ahead.
bug playing the fishing game.  He caught a caramel corn ball!

Trendy Treehouse's is "Halloween Costumes."  


Here are the cousins trick-or-treating:
the pirate, ladybug girl, and ??? (someone with a cape???)
(Hope you enjoyed this teaser of what will be a more extensive follow-up in the future.)

Over at iheartfaces, the theme is "Celebrating Fall."  

I love how these little people celebrate just about every moment in life.

And finally, if you'd like to see something uplifting, head over to Katie Lloyd Photography for her weekly "Scripture and a Snapshot."

This is just a snippet out of one of my favorite passages in The Book of Mormon.



Ashley said...

Great pictures! I think your tilt shift is the best one I've seen. It's so cute! Love the Halloween pics too! I can't wait to see more.

4 Lettre Words said...

Lovely photos! His costume is great.

Ashley Sisk said...

So many wonderful photos in this post - I really love his halloween costume! He looks great. I'm also glad to see that you enjoyed the tilt-shift maker. I can't wait to look at your October 2010 Photo Hunt items.

Katie said...

The Lord certainly does work through the small and seemingly insignificant!

...and great job with your hunt shots, too!

Anonymous said...

These are all great. I love your tilt-shift photo. Fantastic job this week.

Sievertsen said...

Great shots, my fave is chocolate and dress up.

Mallard Cove Mommy said...

I am SO enjoying visiting your blog! Thanks for your sweet comments over at my blog. I'm hosting my first link party for Thanksgiving. Would love to have you play along:

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Cute costume. Love the angle too.

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous view of the lake. Love your Book of Mormon reference too. By the way, I'm holding a CSN giveaway on my blog, so be sure to come by and enter for a chance to win.

Erika B said...

So many sweet shots! Great costumes.

Erika B

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