Sunday, August 29, 2010

are you getting tired of pictures of my kids?

I can't help it, they're cute.  And I know I'm biased, but I just can't seem to find better subject matter for these fun photo challenges I've been encountering.  Today there're more than usual, because I've branched out a bit from my normal haunts.  You should totally jump over and link up your own photos.  Every challenge (except the photo scavenger hunt) ends on Tuesday, so you've got some time!

The photo scavenger hunt over at Ramblings and Photos was the most challenging I've attempted thus far.  I just drew creative blanks for most of the items.  Nonetheless, I made it through all five:

bug getting a drink at the little zoo here in town.  He was sitting on the drinking fountain - it was pretty novel.

mr lookin' all spiffy in work attire.

we're required to recycle here, or be penalized with a hefty fine.  The city gave us these HUGE-MONGOUS recycling cans to help us out.  It takes up like half the garage, but we're saving the earth, so there you go.

Alright, alright, I know... this isn't "photographically" or "visually" repetitious, but if your kid loved this book like bug loves this book, there would be no better representation of repetition to you, either.

don't think this needs explanation... except to let you know that it's one of my favorite hymns.  
and a closer look, if you're curious.

At iheartfaces, the theme this week is photojournalistic.  I love this style of photography, and for some reason I still had a tough time deciding what photo to share.  I kept feeling like I was getting it all wrong.

First Timers
Their first time on a tire swing.  I could be wrong, but I'm guessing the overall feeling is NOT "impressed".

The trendy treehouse has a fun theme this week: Laugh.  I've got some silly little kiddos, so it wasn't too difficult to snap some laughing photos!


"Daddy's so silly... he can always make me laugh!"


Lastly, but certainly not least, I recently happened onto thepunkrockmom, who's got a fun challenge going on.  She's currently enrolled in online photography classes and has thrown down the gauntlet to all who care to participate.  We've got to follow along and do her homework with her!  There're fun prizes involved here, people, so you know you don't want to miss it.  (Like we needed another excuse to take cute pictures...)

Our homework this week was "Perspective."  She offered multiple "themes" to help us along, and we could choose however many we wanted to approach.  So, here are mine:

Perspective - A tree branch from the ground up
I call it "On the Fence"

Perspective - A person from close up
"Sunny Days"

Perspective - Person from the left


Perspective - Own unique point of view

"Taking a Break"

Phew!  I know there was a lot jammed in here, but you'll indulge me, I'm sure.  I'm an amateur, but I'm having fun!


Amber said...

Love your scavenger hunt pics! The bokeh one is my favorite. Your bug is so cute!

BJ_Mama said...

HAHAHAHAHA! We scavenged the same Eco_friendly container! HAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE IT!

Sievertsen said...

Love your interpretation of Repetition :-)

Ashley Sisk said...

Wow - that's a lot of photo challenges. I love your bokeh and business shots...those are great! Have a great week!

thepunkrockmom said...

LOVE all of your entries into all of the different challenges! You may say you're an amateur, but you are a super talented photographer. Your pix are really breath taking! I'm so glad and honored you entered my challenge. You rock!
Good luck!

aubrey wilson said...

Brown bear brown bear what do you see?? Yeah, Alice loves that book too. I totally get the repetition.

Jill said...

Love these shots!! Your idea for repetition is so great!!

Amber D said...

Wow that taking a break pic is great! Thanks for popping over to my blog!

Excellent Parent said...

your kids are beautiful!

thepunkrockmom said...

Again, love your pix! The bokeh and business pictures are awesome! Not to mention the gorgeous ones you entered in my challenge! ;)

Here's an award to you from me! :D

Enjoy! Have an amazing week!

Charmaine Poulin said...

Great photos!!! I love your business and your repetition....that book brings back memories as my oldest would "read" it to us!

Zoe said...

I love your music shot! Very well done.

Anonymous said...

They're all fantastic - but I love that bokeh shot!!

Nat said...

great shots! I love the repetition one. I think all kids go through this. Thanks for your cmt on my blog!

Tripps said...

are you kidding me...that repetition one is genius! love it.

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