Thursday, April 29, 2010


This may sound ridiculous, but I’m having trouble concentrating because I miss the cat.  The thing is, he’s kind of a needy little feline, and I haven’t always been so understanding about that - especially since mini was born.  Well, ok.  Especially since bug was born.  I just didn’t have time for that many needy things at once!  
I have lost my keys.  I have lost my phone.  I’ve lost my engagement ring and wedding band.  I’ve even lost my car on occasion when I can’t find it in the parking lot.  From time to time, I’m convinced I’m losing my mind.
But I’ve never lost a cat.
I was putting the kids in the car which was in the garage.  I left the door to the house open so I could run back inside for the bag.  I only have so many arms!  And in that brief moment, he was gone. 
He likes to cautiously sneak outside and sniff at the grass and bask in the sun.  I let him sometimes, because he’s so good about staying by the house.  I didn’t see him leave the other day.  I didn’t even know he was gone until mr asked if I’d seen him at all last night.  But I can imagine it went something like this:
(gasp) She left the door open!  Oh, joy of joys - the outside world!  And it’s Spring!  I’ll just slip outside... slowly, ever so slowly... maybe she won’t notice.  I can hardly contain myself!  I made it!  I really made it!  Freedom!!  (What followed was probably approximately 1/2 hour to an hour of pure unadulterated pleasure. Until...)  Hmmm.  I wonder where she went?  It’s getting a little chilly out here.  And a little windy.  And a little dark.  I’ll just mosey around to the door... It’s closed.  Well, maybe if I scratch at it.  Nothing.  Maybe if I cry a little.  (What followed was probably about 1/2 hour to an hour of pure unadulterated PITIFULNESS as he cried his eyes out in that hoarse little mew...)  I can’t stand!  I just can’t stand it!!  They’re gone!  They left me!  I’ve been left!!!  What do I do???  (Panic.  Remember, this is a pampered house cat we’re talking about here)  I am going to STARVE!!  It’s already starting, I can feel it!  I better go find somewhere to eat, and sleep, and something to cuddle up to... 
And then he left.  To find other hands to soothe him.  
He turns 6 in May.  That’s 6 full years I’ve had this cat - for all intents and purposes he was my first baby.  And it’s my fault he’s gone.  
(I was pregnant with bug and practicing swaddling.  You can tell by D's face he loves it!)

So, I am working on a tutorial for a neat little accessory I came up with.  I think you’ll like it.  It’s just taking longer than I thought as I call the humane society, post flyers, talk to neighbors and put ads in the paper.  Bear with me. 

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