Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hope your weekend has been carefree.  And restful.  And not at all stressful.  So, the opposite of mine.  But, so I'm not reduced to a sniveling, self-absorbed winer, I'll just get to the goods.

It's Scavenger Hunt Sunday!  Woo hoo!  I tried to think about my shots a little more this week.  I don't know if that works for me.  I might take better photos when I don't think about it at all!

Music to My Ears
Is it silly to say that this little boy's faith infused prayers are like music to my ears?  I love it when he prays on his own, without help.  We're supposed to have child-like faith, right?
I decided to do a mini "photo shoot" for this prompt.  It ended up yielding some of my favorite shots.
It has been raining non-stop.  And not just rain.  Huge, crazy severe thunderstorms.  On a rare CLEAR day, we took the kids to the pool, along with Aunt Lise, Uncle Tall and K.  It was pretty CLEAR that mini loved this CLEAR, sparkling water.   (Overkill?)
Out of this World
So, very few clear days, but views like this at sunset aren't just "Outta this world!" but can also kind of transport me out of this world and remind me of a grander scheme - another world, if you will.
With thunderstorms come sprinkles.  Lots and lots of little sprinkles.  Tiny showers that begin and end the downpours.  I caught these sprinkles - or remnants thereof - on my brother IL's car.
I also thought I'd maybe try out The PaperMama's challenge this week.  
The Paper Mama
She does a month-long challenge with weekly prompts and I hope to do each week next month.  This week's prompt was "Summertime."
Out for a walk at sunset
And, ok, well, one more.  Just this once.  Because I thought I had a good fit for this week's iheartfaces theme.  Which is "Water."
I sure do love his face in this one.
Phew.  I think that's it.  But I will share these last few "Hat" pictures with you.  Just for fun.

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Unknown said...

These are all such great shots. I am still smiling..

Ashley Sisk said...

These are great girl - I love your composition for hat.

Valeria said...

Very cool Hat interpretation, love that crop

Melanie said...

Your blog is fabulous! How darn cute are your kiddos! That pirate hat shot is amazing, but my fav is the sunset walk! Awesome job mama!

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