Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Guest with WRAPS. No, not THAT kind...

Ready for some SERIOUS picnic cuteness?   I'm so excited to have Jessica from Two Shades of Pink here today... she has such amazing tutorials on her blog.  From cute mobiles, to unique garlands, to party games, to awesome kids toys, to gorgeous tablescapes, to... well, just go look.  You'll love it.  I first found her sweet blog when I randomly happened upon it searching for yarn projects during my "Yarn it All!" series with Mandy from Mandipidy.  I featured her yarn mobile and I was hooked.  Now look.  She's helping with my current series!  Alright, alright, enough chit chat.  Check out these cute ideas!

Hi everyone!  I'm Jessica from the blog Two Shades of Pink. And I am way excited to be sharing a picnic idea today on Kimberly's fun blog.  How funny is she by the way?  I always laugh at her witty posts with her refreshing transparency and honesty about life.  She makes me smile all the time and I look forward to reading every post from her whether it is a bit of crafty genius or about her wonderfully crazy and fun life.

So when we realized we shared a mutual adoration for all things picnic...we bonded. ♥ Seriously. I am even planning a picnic birthday party for my girls next month. I think it's the simplicity, nostalgia, and timeless fun of a picnic that gets me.  My daughters and I have them in the front yard all the time.  There is something so fun about sitting together outside, talking and laughing without modern conveniences to get in the way. Just creation, family, and a way to slow down.

So I came up with a fun idea that would work great for a sweet little picnic for two. A nice idea for Mommy and Daddy to get away for a walk alone or just two girlfriends to catch up and chat.  I actually have a little lake down the street from me and hope one day my hubby and I can slip away and do this very thing together.

All you need to start is a small and preferably thin tablecloth or sheet to lay out flat.  
Mine measures 38 x 38 inches.
Here are the goodies I have along with my little yellow tablecloth...a strawberry salad in a mason jar (so convenient), 2 water bottles, cheese and crackers in a little container, a bag of grapes, a bag of pretzels, and 2 vintage napkins with forks.
 Very scientific.  I know. ;)
 How easy and fun is that?

And here is another quick trick that inspired the above wrapped picnic.  Have you heard of this Japanese wrapping technique called furoshiki? It basically means wrapping gifts in cloth. Well here is a fun way to bring your bottle drinks to a picnic or even as a great hostess gift...

1. The trick is to find a big enough towel or fabric thin enough to tie.  I experimented a bit and just used two napkins and overlapped them a bit.  In the middle, I placed two water bottles on the diagonal, bottom ends facing and spaced apart. 
2.  Following the arrows in step 1, I took one point and met it with the second point forming a triangle.  The points do not have to meet for this to work.
3.  Then I began rolling the bottles toward me starting with bottom of the triangle and working my way to the point.  Rolling it tightly is key.
4.  Once you have  along tube with your bottles, grab both ends and following the arrows pull the ends together.
5.  Tie a knot in the ends and you will have a 2 wrapped bottles you can carry!

Well that's it!  I had so much fun doing this and I sure hope you liked my fabric wrapping ideas.  Please stop by my blog anytime, say hi and take a peek around if you would like. It would be just lovely to meet some of you and make some new friends! 

Blessings to each of you! 

Well, I'll be trying this for my next date night.  Thank you for sharing, Jessica!  What a simple idea for making an al fresco dinner special!  It just proves that you don't need a lot of advanced planning and extra items to make a cute meal really fun.  

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!


Ruby Jean said...

OH MY!!! those are so PRETTY...I don't think I would want to open it...But then again..if I was hungry enough I am sure I would.. : ) I don't know if I would have the Patience to wrap it up...And make it look PRETTY...I would probably roll it up in one big mess,..stick a bow on it and call it good... : ) Let me know when the house next door to you comes up for sale... : ) So I can BEG!!! you on a daily basis to do it for me... : )
Those napkins are really cute by the way..

Two Shades of Pink said...

I just wanted to thank you for letting me guest post on your amazing blog. I had a blast and I would do it for you again anytime and I hope you would for me!

Marcy said...

LOVE this idea - i have an online magazine and i'm going to post this on my pinterest page! thanks for sharing - what a great date idea!

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