Saturday, January 5, 2013

Series's. Uh... serieses. Um... series'. Oh, you know.

I hosted a number of series on the blog this year, and was part of a few other series on different blogs as well.  Some were larger in scope than others, but I didn't want you to miss out on any of the fun, so here's a full list of the series I was involved in, both here and elsewhere, in chronological order.  (It's technically not a top 10 list, because there are only 9.  But still...)

Very Pinteresting
First off, I started my "Very Pinteresting Party" at the end of January. 
 I started out strong with the whole concept and made it maybe three months into the year; every month that past brought the intention of starting again - but you know what they say about intentions... Here's what I posted from that series:
Look for this to start up again at the end of this month - and continuing the last Thursday of every month!  I swear.  It's gonna happen.

Party Week
I hosted a somewhat informal series called Party Week
There was a lot of fun stuff here and some great pointers from other bloggers: "Ask the Expert" posts (here's 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and finally 7.  With 3-4 experts a day, that's a lot of advice!), Easy birthday cake, Busy Bee Party, A few party ideas from pinterest, Outer Space Party, Sweet birthday treats with recipes, birthdays in boxes, circus party 1, and 2.

Yarn it all
I revived Yarn it all.  Because I love yarn, even though I can't knit.
This year featured: Twisty necklace, Glass ID Tags, Guest post from Jessica, the famous Yarn Tutu, Herringbone Weave Wreath,  and the Yarn Party Wrap Up - including links to my cohost, googiemomma's, posts.  

Free Online Photo Editing Software Review
This is a short Two-part series.  I tried out pizap, lunapic, ipiccy, phoenix, fotoflexer, befunky, picmonkey, and creative kit - then gave you the run-down on each and my overall impression.  I even rated them.  Given the circumstances currently (that picmonkey is now charging for quite a lot of their stuff now) these might be worth reviewing again!
Part 1
Part 2

I participated in So You Think You're Crafty last Spring, for the second time.  I made it to the top 4 and went home with my "Kids Can Do" project.  
My audition project was my Chalk/Cork Board Map Gallery Wall.  Then I made Scrubby Bath Puppets out of dollar store washcloths, repurposed a padded shelf turned storage bench out of a shelf I got for free, knocked-off a Zulily dress, used scrap fabric to make a pocket peggy house, upcycled cat litter boxes into storage stools, dyed a drop cloth ombre, nearly chopped my finger off making a stationary kit, and turned an old fence panel into a family tree.
You can find the recap post along with links to all the projects here.

Just Sew
I made a skirt for Mama Says Sew's week-long series, "Just Sew Week".  Lots of fun!
It was my Paper Bag Bubble Skirt, and you can find the guest post here.

Color My Summer
I was super excited to guest post on Delia's blog for the summer long event Color Your Summer that she cohosts each summer with kojo designs.  

My color was blue, and I remade a mini notebook and took the kids on a blue scavenger hunt!

Sew In Tune.
I was also excited to be one of the guests for Melly Sews during her series Sew In Tune - which she co-hosted with Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy

It was a super fun series that involved sewing for boys based on songs you like!  Loved the idea!  I made bug this little Faux Uniform:

Gift It.
My big series project was "gift it."  This was a month-long series all through August with a new gift idea every day.  I had tons of guest posts, lots of ideas and tutorials of my own, some food gifts, and 5 pretty comprehensive round-ups, each with a different specific focus.
You can see the wrap-up post here, and find links to every single gift.  
17 guest posts, 6 tutorials from me, 4 food gifts, 5 round-ups, and a bunch of ideas previously posted on my blog - for a grand total of OVER 350 GIFT IDEAS all in ONE SPOT.  So much fun!  (So much work... but so much FUN!) Don't miss it!  (hint - you may see this series again)

In November I was a guest on Jill's blog, Envirocraftiness.  
She had a series for "Movember" and I was able to show off my "Debonair Dress-Ups."
Holy cow, are those fun to make.

And that pretty much sums it up.  Phew.  I'm tired just looking at all that...

*Be sure to check the right sidebar for all the fun parties I link to!

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