Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2nd week of the new year...

and I'm already late.  Best way to start off 2013 is with low expectations, right?  Nowhere to go but up!  In any case, I did have a 
planned for yesterday, it just didn't actually go up yesterday.  By the way, like my shiny new button for the new year?  Coincidentally, that is why my post is late.  New buttons and all.  (Do NOT be a buzzkill and tell me that chevron is out already.  I don't need to know.)  

So, anyway.  Yummy Monday.  First Yummy Monday of the new year.  It should be something amazing.  Something killer.  Something dynamite that everyone will put on their pinboards, whether they're actually planning on cooking it or not.  Right?

Too bad.

No, instead you get this really easy shmeezy lunch idea that my son has continually begged me for ever since I got the brilliant stroke of genius to try it out.

I won't pretend to think this is a novel idea.  I'm sure somewhere out there a few (hundred) people have their own versions - some perhaps even better than mine.  OR maybe this is totally disgusting and caloric and no one will believe I'd even try it, let alone feed it to my kids.  Whatever the case, please help maintain my blissful ignorance and allow me the delusion that this is a wonderful idea.

Calories and unoriginality aside, this is a delicious idea.  Slightly more time consuming than your standard PB&J, slightly less time consuming than your standard Grilled Cheese, and with all the gooey deliciousness of slightly melted peanut butter, with an outer crispiness you can't beat.
It's a very straightforward idea.  So straightforward, I haven't even prepared a recipe card for you.  I didn't want to insult you.  Basically, you heat a skillet.  Make a peanut butter and jam sandwich as you normally would.  Butter the top.  Sprinkle on a bit of cinnamon (if you want to be just like me, you'll use Saigon Cinnamon, and you'll get it at Pennzy's Spices.  It's the best.)  Place it butter/cinnamon side down on the skillet and quickly butter the remaining side.  Sprinkle it with cinnamon.  When you get done with that, it'll probably already be time to flip it (cooks waaaaay faster than grilled cheese, just so you know.)  So flip it over.  Cook a bit more, slap it on a plate, cut it in half and dig in!

bug would eat this for every meal if I would let him.  Fortunately, I do care about our health more than that, so I won't let him.

Some more ideas along these lines?  I used strawberry jam (since it's my fave and we already had it).  BUT, I think this would be absolutely amazing with apple jelly.  Or how about switching out the peanut butter for nutella??  Talk about caloric...

In any case, it may not be the most awe-inspiring dinner around, but as my now 3-yr-old says, "yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... delicioso!"  

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