Friday, October 26, 2012

For the faint of heart.

Ok, ok.  If the dismembered, glowing eyeballs were a little too much for you and your tiny tot, I've got a fun kid's craft for you!  Totally last minute, yet again, and you can use stuff you already have.  Seriously, you don't need anything special at all.

Unless you are like us and rarely have essential items like napkins, tissues and toilet paper.  Who does the shopping around here, anyway??

Again, there's no real science here.  It's mostly just whatever you feel like.
You'll need:
Black card stock or construction paper
white paper napkins
black buttons
white glue
1.  Lay out your napkin so the middle point is in the upper left corner,
2.  and the lower right corner is all four layers.
3.  Use your scissors and cut a wavy line across the bottom right corner.
4.  Open up your napkin.
5.  Grab it in the center.
6.  Bunch it up and twist it a little bit.  That's the ghosts head.
7.  Put some white glue on the back of the head and glue it down on the paper.  You can fluff it out if you want to.
8.  Use white glue to add button eyes,
9.  And a button mouth.

That's it!  That's all!  So simple!  And the kids loved doing it themselves.  They needed next to NO help at all to do this last year.

One of the best parts was watching them pick out their favorite buttons.

And the truly best BEST part was seeing all the Picasso-type faces the ghosts ended up with!

You can glue as many or as few ghosts to the paper as you want to!  My son went a little crazy...

I displayed it on my piano with some fun houndstooth paper behind it.  

I love little projects for little hands that take very little planning and almost no prep at all.  Considering the length of their attention spans, this seems only fair.

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