Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An itsy, bitsy spider... wreath

This is not the first spider wreath I've made.  Last year, I knew I wanted to simplify my spider wreath, and came up with this design.

It's insanely easy to make, and unfortunately has no real instructions, because there isn't much you can do wrong.  But I'll give a tutorial my best shot.

1.  Start with a stick type wreath.  I don't know what these are called.  They aren't foam and they aren't straw.  So, get one of those, ok?
2.  Using normal latex paint and a foam brush, start painting it a grayish black.
3.  After about 12 hours and countless swear words while you smoosh that brush into the crevices as far as it will go, realize you'll have to break down and buy some spray paint.  Then realize, with a palm smack, that you've had black spray paint all along - though it IS glossy finish.  Go for it.  Spray front and back.
4.  After it dries completely (and I mean COMPLETELY, or you'll have black stripes on your pants... not that that happened or anything) You will take silver embroidery floss and begin attaching cut pieces from one side of the wreath...
5.  To the other.  Just tie them in double knots on the BACK of the wreath.
6.  Cut more pieces of floss and tie them to the bottom of the wreath, then wrap them around the pieces already there and pull tightly to make the pieces stretch and contort, so they are no longer straight across.  
7.  Do this up to the very top piece that's tied across, then wrap it around the top piece and slide over a bit.  Make your way back down again and tie it off at the bottom.
8.  Repeat this process until you have half of your wreath covered in an embroidery floss web.  Use hot glue to attach a plastic spider.
9.  Use ribbon and hot glue to make a loop on the back of the wreath to hang the wreath from.

That's it!  Aside from the painting trial and error, it really didn't take long and it was very easy to create.

I love the simplicity of it.  When it comes to Halloween decorations I'm really torn.  I don't really want to overcutesify things.  But I don't want to be terrifying either - especially with a 4 yr old who is hypersensitive and has nearly nightly nightmares.

I felt like this wreath was the perfect amount of creepy without being horrifying.

A last minute wreath you can whip up in no time!

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Creative Raisins said...

How fabulous is that, it is so simple but has such a statement, love it

kitblu said...

I love the minimalism of this wreath and I LOVE spiders. I used to have some plastic neon green spiders ... maybe some yellow wool for the web ...

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