Friday, May 27, 2011

Flowers for Mother's Day... oh come on. It wasn't THAT long ago.

Well, Mother's Day was almost a full month ago, so I figure it's time for me to show you something I concocted for the ladies in my family.  You know... I don't want to be TOO late...

No tutorial here, but some very easy projects that my mom, sister and sister IL all really liked.  First of all, check out these roses, here at frugallife.

I happened upon these flowers and the corresponding tutorial linked in the post on frugallife and knew I had to make them for SOMETHING!  Now, of course, you've seen them all over the place - wreaths, shoes, fabric versions, etc, etc, etc.  If you want to make some yourself, you couldn't follow a better tutorial.  

I made my roses out of felt and created three different looks based on the taste of my family members.  The only change I made (from the tutorial) was using hot glue instead of glue dots (you know, since I used felt and not paper.)

First, a simple felt flower brooch for my mom.

Neutral with a pop of color - she loves yellow and it's perfect for Spring.  (Sidenote: Do you think it's funny that my mom, sister and I all have the same favorite color?)  I just grouped three rolled flowers on a piece of felt and hot glued a pin on the back.

Here was my sister's present:

For this one, I upcycled a broken necklace.    It's a really long chain - like 30 inches - and I simply took it apart by unclasping a link.  I made the bright and cheerful row of flowers - my sister LOVES color.  I grouped them in a soft curve on a piece of felt.  I glued a black beads from the necklace onto the flower piece.  Then I simply glued the ends of the chain to the ends of the flower piece.  I then hot glued a felt piece over that - sandwiching the ends of the chain in between.  She wears it with the chain doubled and the flowers on the side (wish I had a picture of that... but take my word for it that it's super cute...)

And finally (and I do believe my personal favorite), a headband for my sister IL:

She's a fan of orange and wears it often in the spring and summer.  I really like the tiny buds on this one coupled with the larger blooms, the colors put together, and the sparkly headband.  Obviously, I made this one in the same way - I hot glued the flowers to a piece of felt, hot glued this to the headband, then hot glued another felt piece over that - sandwiching the headband between.  

I'm a huge fan of how you can take one project and create so many different looks - not just the physical item (be it headband, pin, necklace, etc) bit the way it's put together and the colors used... it can be bright and cheerful, elegant and understated, a statement piece, or just plain fun!

Just a little something.  You know, to say Happy Mother's Day.  Like a really long time ago.  Cuz that's how I roll.

(PS, I did actually give these to them ON Mother's Day... I just waited to post it...)

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Julia said...

Lucky ladies in your family!

Michelle L. said...

Purty purty! The yellow/blue/black necklace is my favorite.

annies home said...

no it wasnt that long ago we should be able to say thank you mom every day and with your beautiful flowers that is easy to do come see me at

Christina said...

These are so sweet...and that headband is definitely my favorite too!!

Thanks for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)

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