Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gift Wrap with Nora from Just Make Stuff

You can find today's guest, Nora, over on her blog Just Make Stuff.  She has a glorious blog full of scrapbooking ideas, card making, gift wrapping, partying, recipes, crafty ingenuity and general delicious daily life-ness.  You won't be disappointed if you go check it out. 


Nora is sharing an adorable gift wrap idea.  An idea I love to pieces.

Because we all know I have a penchant for pom poms.  So much so, they make me alliterate.

Not only did she tie the two gift boxes with yarn and top with cute puffy balls, she actually wrapped the packages with FABRIC, because the recipient is a crafty gal as well.  How brilliant is that?

Find her original post here and about a million and ten more gift wrap ideas (some involving yarn!) here.


Thanks Nora!

yarn it all series button photo 5bfe07cd-d182-4e81-b6f8-0a7a0b082333_zps7aed4c03.jpg

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