Friday, April 1, 2011

Take 14: Bits & Pieces Vase

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If you've been following along with Mandy and me, you may have become covered in scraps of yarn.  It's totally to be expected.

The other day, the cashier at McD's helpfully pulled some yarn out of my hair.  And looked at me a little funny.

(If you haven't been following along with Mandy and me...

AND, you may still be covered with yarn scraps.  It's pretty easy to end up with scrap pieces when you're finished with a project.  And what about those trimmings?  You know, the ends you have to trim off - they aren't long enough to actually do anything with, but they're too long to just throw away...

What should we do?

And it's the easiest thing you will EVER do.  It will take about 2 minutes.  Half an hour if you include the time it takes to run to the store for flowers...

First, gather two vases, about the same shape.  One must be skinnier than the other.

Fill the skinnier one with water and flowers.

Put it inside the fatter one.

Take all your scrappy bits and pieces of yarn, and mix them up.

Grab a few, and stuff them down in between the two vases.

You may need the aid of something long and skinny to push them all the way to the bottom.  Like a wooden skewer.

Now, you can go for lots of different looks here.  You can smoosh them down super tight and compact so that you can't really make out the individual pieces of yarn, but just see all the different colors.  You can only fill the vase sparesly in bits and pieces, so you see batches of yarn and patches of clear vase.  You could fill it up in layers, layering color on color to make horizontal stripes.


Just push the yarn down the same way all the way around, 

evenly bunching it, 

not too tight and not too loose.  

Fill it to the top.

You can still see the yarn pieces, but it fills the vase nicely.

The bright colors are so springy and cheery!

And with all the time you save, you can relax with a lemonade.  Gosh, I wish it was warm enough for lemonade...

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1 comment:

Michelle L. said...

Hee, this is so adorable! What a great idea - i want to think of other kinds of scraps I can do this with. Thanks, K!

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