Thursday, January 20, 2011

Easy Shmeezy Gift for kids. (in case you procrastinate like I do.)

Here’s a funny little something for that kiddo in your life.
I’ve seen those wooden people in the craft stores and wondered what in the world I would ever use them for? 
via here

(Except perhaps a killer homemade “Clue” game... I so want to do that.  Wouldn’t it be fun?  My mom made me one when I was a kid and used a tiny free sample cologne bottle with a hand drawn skull and cross bones for poison as one of the weapons.  It was too funny.)  Anyway...
How about Bowling Buddies?

For your bowling buddies game, you will need:
ten wooden guys
sharpies (including a fine point black)
craft paint
a bouncy ball
some kind of storage 
download these free fonts:
JI Bowling Balls


I purchased my wooden people from, and they were only 19 cents a pop.  I made two bowling games, so I only spent $3.80 for 20 of these guys and got free shipping.  It’s true.

So, you’ll take your little guys and draw different faces on each of them.  I found that the black sharpie (fine point) DID bleed a little, but it was better when drawn on a certain side of the wooden head - I have no idea why.  Something to do with wood grain direction?  You tell me.
Anyway, if you want to avoid that altogether, you could use black craft paint and a toothpick or skinny brush.
Use thicker sharpies to draw on hair.  I used brown, red, yellow and black.  You know, typical.  You can make straight hair, curly hair, bangs, braids... you can even paint hats on them.
Then you’ll paint the bottom half with craft paint for pants.
And paint the top half as shirts.  Don’t be fooled.  I did actually give my guys shirts.  Actually some of them were girls and I gave them necklaces and accessories too.  Some of the guys even had button down shirts on and ties.  Some of them had pockets and t-shirts.  Some had pens in their pockets.  Some wore glasses.  Some wore turtlenecks.  I drew all the detail with the fine point black sharpie (and it did NOT bleed due to the paint beneath).  I was planning on taking a final picture after they were all dry, but of course forgot.  But you can use your imagination, right?
Then you can find or whip up a little storage container for them.  I decided to make two zipper pouches, the tutorial for which I found on Everywhere Orange, because they are just about the coolest things I have ever laid eyes on.  Of course, I don’t have a picture of mine, because I forgot.  But I made one small coin purse type one, and one pencil case sized.  Here’s a picture of hers.  Check out the tutorial at Everywhere Orange.  You can bet I will make more of these.
After you’ve created your storage solution, or game box if you will, throw your guys in there and toss in a bouncy ball to use as a bowling ball.
via here
I got my bouncy balls at walmart in the party section - a bag of 8 for just a couple bucks.

The last part is optional, but I think fun.  You can get bowling fonts (like the ones above) for free.  I made little tags to go in the zipper pouches.  One just looked like this:
Noah’s Bowling Buddies!

But I made another game for my nephew who is almost 16 (Ah!!!!) so I wanted his to be a little more mature, if you will.  His tag looked like this on one side:
Desktop        Bowling

And this on the other:

Now you can bowl anywhere,
Even Math class!

And even he thought they were pretty funny.  Although I don’t know if his mom appreciated the suggestion to goof off in Math.  

Be sure to check out all the fun parties shown below! I’m linked up!


Lisa said...

I love the bowling people idea.

Mandy England said...

Super cute! :]

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

I don't know why, but this just made me laugh...I love it! Maybe because I know that I'd probably have more fun with it than my child-to-be hehehe :) Cute!

Ashley said...

OMG how frickin cute!!

Julia said...

Very clever!

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