Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yarn it all interim revival.

Whenever I make something with yarn, I feel like I should save it for the next Yarn It All.  Which makes it seem like I only use yarn once a year and then go completely CRAZY yarning everything... which obviously isn't true since it's one of my favorite crafting materials!
So, here's a fun, summery yarn craft that's super easy to do.

 Is ombre still trendy?  Probably not.  That's SOOO two years ago...
Oh well.  I picked some summery colors and went to town on my vases.  If you want to make some, too, here's what you'll need:
yarn in three colors
vases or jars that you don't mind gluing to (I got mine at the dollar store, but they are actually weighty, not like the cheap glass they normally have)
a hot glue gun

And that's it!
Now, I'm sure there's a way to do this without gluing to the glass, but I was going for super easy and super fast here, and these took like 10 minutes to make.

Basically, wrap your vase with one color.  When you want to switch colors, glue the end of the first color down, then glue the end of the second color on the same side of the case (the back) and about 2-3 inches down into the first color. Wrap it around in between the yarn of the first color, leaving space between each time you wrap.  When you get to the spot where the first color stops, start wrapping normally.  Then glue the end of the second color down and do the same with the third color.  

I started at the bottom and worked up.
Using fun, bright colors makes it more summery.  Choose colors accordingly.
Make sure all the ends and glue spots are on the BACK of the vase and cover them as much as possible with wrapped yarn.

So easy.  And much better than a plain old jar sitting on the table.

There's your yarn fix until next yarn it all comes around!

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