Thursday, June 5, 2014

This one should have been first. Whoops.

Today's project, like yesterday's, is 2 years old.  Just getting that out there right away so there's no question.  Yep.  It's old.  And yes, we have stopped using this method.  BUT.  It DID work for some time.  So even though it's not sparkling new or even hanging on our wall anymore, I wanted to share:

It should also be noted that after sharing the velcro daily schedule yesterday, I realized this one should have come first because I took much better and more detailed photos for a more instructive tutorial.  I guess that's the price you pay for waiting 2 years to post something - you forget the flow of you were originally going for.
Anyway.  Let's get on with it.

And now, for the more photographic tutorial:

1. Print off the free printables at the end of the post.  Cut them to the size you'd like (to fit on your mini clipboards.)
2. Cut a piece of contact paper double the size and 
3. place your chart on it.
4. Fold the contact paper up and over the chart.  Smooth it down nicely.  Don't worry if the edges are rumpled since you'll trim it.
5. Trim it.  (see, told ya)
6. Voila!
7. Do this with all the chore charts and one extra blank (or in my case chevron patterned) card stock piece. 

8. Cut strips of the rough side of the velcro to fit vertically on the chart.  You'll need anywhere from two-four per chore chart.
9. Use hot glue to secure your velcro.  Make sure to spread the hot glue to the edges of the velcro pieces.
10. Hot glue another strip of velcro next to the first in the same column.
11. Then do the next column.  
12. I placed two pieces of velcro down each column to accommodate the amount of chore pieces he MAY need to stick on.  Depending on how many chores you have for your kids, you may only need one per column.
13. Clip the chart on the mini clipboard.

14. Cut your chore circle card stock into strips so you can use your punch more easily.
15. Using your circle punch, punch out each chore circle.
16. I had double because each kid gets the same chores.
17. Lay the circles on a piece of contact paper (facing up).
18. Place another sheet of contact paper on top, face down.
19. Cut the circles out with a scissors.
20. Cut small pieces of the fuzzy side of the velcro.
21. Hot glue them to the back of each circle.

22. On the extra piece of card stock (the one that's blank, without columns) glue several pieces of rough side of velcro horizontally.
23. This is where the chore circles are "stored" until they are in use on one of the charts.

Now you just place the chores that need to be done that day on the "to do" side of the chart.
Your child can move them over to the done side on their own!

Oh, yes, 24. Use the wall fastener of your choice to hang the mini clipboards on the wall.  Cat not necessary.

The reason I liked this system was that it was simple and cheap to make (seriously, it cost me $3 for the clipboards.  And like a buck something for the wall velcro stuff.  I already had the normal velcro and hot glue)  Also, it's easy for the kids to understand and for them to have accountability over.  Plus the "little pieces" are bright and "fun" to move around - it's like a game for the kids.  They want to do their chores because it means they get to "win" the "game".  How many times can I use "quotes" in this "tutorial"?

So, here's the chevron background I made in case you want to use it for your storage card.

And here's a chore chart minus the names, since I bet your kids aren't named Ezra and Zoe.  Unless they are.  In which case, how cool is that?

And here are the chore circles I used.  These are all chores that a 3-6 year old can easily do - some with a little help.  I used free clipart for the pictures in the backgrounds.

At our house, there are regular chores (the things you have to be in charge of just because you're part of the family and we work together) and there are extra chores (The things that aren't really your personal responsibility, so if you do them you get a little pocket change.)  I made chore circles for each kind and the ones below are the extra things the kids can do to earn an allowance.

If you aren't sure where to start when it comes to having your kids do chores, I recently did a post for that offers 10 fun suggestions for chores your small kids can do!  Start early and they may even ENJOY the work!  Of course, I'm all talk, but, you know...

*Be sure to check below for all the fun parties I link to!*

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