Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WZWW #1 - Stripes on Stripes

One thing you will never see on this blog is a What I Wore post.  I like to pretend I know about fashion.  I try to not dress like a frump, but the truth is, I don't really know how to dress fashionably for my body type and it seems most trends are geared toward a VERY different body than mine.  
My daughter, on the other hand, knows nothing about fashion - considering she's 4 - and always looks like an adorable little cherub.  (Notice I said LOOKS.  Not ACTS.)  She's been dressing herself since she was about 3 and started developing strong opinions about what she wanted to wear.
Fortunately for us, she inherits her cousins closet.  She is only 2 years younger than cousin K and let me tell you, cousin K has a pretty incredible closet.  We do buy her new things on occasion, and I make some items myself.  She puts everything together on her own, though, (I make adjustments for weather sometimes) and I've found her fashion choices so adorable and inspiring that I find myself often taking her picture - as if for a What I Wore post on the blog...
Which got me thinking.  I may not be the best subject matter for WIW, but miss mini is.  She's cute as a button.  She has great clothes.  She likes putting clothes together in fun ways.  AND she struts in front of a camera.  Thus the idea for WZWW was born.  (That's What Zoe Wore Wednesday)  Sometimes she hits a homer, and sometimes it's a swing and a miss, but I thought it might be fun to share both types of outfits!  And not every Wednesday, only occasionally.  I'll try to point you in the direction of stores when applicable, but a keep in mind that most of her clothes are hand me downs, thrifted, homemade or some combination of the three.  So you may be able to find something similar by looking at similar stores, but I can't guarantee   Also, these posts are in no particular order, so you'll see tiny Zoe mixed in here with current Zoe.

So.  Here's WZWW #1 - Stripes on Stripes.

Lace Heart Striped Shirt - Walmart, hand me down
Black Braided Leather Headband - Dollar Store ($1 for 4)
Felt bow in Charcoal and Mustard - Made by me (tutorial here)
Jeggings - Walmart, hand me down
Striped Leg Warmers - Made by me
Black Converse Knock Offs - Walmart, hand me down

Also, she loves her baby brother.  And MUST KISS HIM.  AT ALL TIMES.

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Michelle L. said...

Aw! Great idea for a series. she looks adorable and I think it will be fun to see her choices.

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